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App description: Use great figure skating skills to avoid obstacles!
Push mean judges off!
This is like a fighting!?

How to control
Flick right and left or up and down to use figure skating skills.

[Flick up] to perform a triple axel.
A skater jumps over an obstacle at the bottom.

[Flick right or left] to perform a Biellmann spin.
A skater pushes away an obstacle in the middle.

[Flick down] to perform an Ina Bauer.
A skater avoids an obstacle on the top.

There are two kinds of programs, and each program offers three difficulty levels.

Short Program
Perform designated figure skating skills at the right moment!
-The image of figure skating element comes from the right of the screen. Perform the same element with the image when a skater overlaps the image.
-The key to get a high score is accuracy and timing.
-Perform right elements consecutively to get bonus points.

Free Program
Use various skills to pass obstacles!
-An obstacle comes from the right of the screen. Use various skills to pass an obstacle.
-Perform figure skating elements as many as possible within the allotted time to get a high score.
-If a skater fails to perform, she stops moving for a while.
-Pass obstacles consecutively to get bonus points and increase the remaining time.

-Bunch of flowers (on the top, in the middle, at the bottom)
-Mean judges (in the middle)
-Puddle (at the bottom)
-Mean skater (at the bottom)

The game has an online ranking.
Be the queen of figure skating!!
05-02-2011, 10:07 PM
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It might be as good as iStunt 2.