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Solomon's Keep - Stuck on "Floor 2"

05-06-2011, 12:09 PM
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Solomon's Keep - Stuck on "Floor 2"

I've tried googling this issue but couldn't find anything.

Now, I'm not sure if I've overlooked anything but here is what happens;

New game, I'm like level 4, and I've "cleared" (according to the text that came up" both Floors 1 and 2.

On Floor 2 there are two entrances / exits; One is a staircase leading back down to Floor 1. The other is a doorway that for whatever reason sends you back to the entrance bridge outside of Floor 1 (not the Magic Key door).

Originally that doorway lead outside on an upper level from the looks of it, but I never progressed outside, cause at the time when I found it I had yet to finish clearing Floor 2, so I went back inside, cleared it and tried to move on but now.. I can't.

I can either go back down to Floor 1 via Floor 2, or take this doorway in a room on Floor 2, that leads back to the castle entrance outside Floor 1.

I've gone back to town, talked to the various NPC's, none of them really have any information, like no quest to progress further than Floor 2. I know theres not a level requirement cause if I've cleared the two floors of all mobs and they dont respawn, theres no way to grind up xp to level up.

05-06-2011, 02:30 PM
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I'm not exactly sure where you're stuck... But just keep following any stairs down. The dungeons are randomly generated each game so no 2 games have the same layout. You basically keep going down the stairs (up to you if you want to clear the levels completely or not for maximum experience).

Since you're not far along, you can always delete the current game and start another game. Make good use of the map feature (I always keep the map on)... Hope you can get past lev 2. ;-)

Forgot to mention each floor has only 1 entrance and 1 exit.

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