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Favorite Games for Ipad Owner

05-07-2011, 08:43 PM
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Favorite Games for Ipad Owner

I didnt see any thread for this so I want to start one. Ever since the Ipad came out, I haven't played any games on my Iphone. It's a lot tougher for me now because I am having problem with the small Iphone screen(Getting older). These are the games that I played, finished, and love.

They are not in any particular order.

1. Battleheart - easy to learn but challenging as you go deeper
2. Death Rally - Great graphic, control, and fun but challenging as well.
3. iBomber Defense - I love war game + TD.
4. Puzzle Quest 1
5. World of Goo
6. Angry Bird
7. Angry Bird Rio
8. Castle Warrior
9. Fieldrunners - A MUST for any TD fans
10. Highborn
11. Great Adventure
12. Plants vs Zombie - Perfect Game
13. Real Racing - Probably the BEST driving game
14. Reckless Driving
15. Space Miner. Fun but too short.
16. Tapper World Tour - bring back memories
17. War Pinball - Awesome and wish they make more movies licensed game
18. Pinball HD

I have 235 games for the Ipad so I am wayyyy behind in playing all of them. Whenever a game goes on sales, I buy them first and then play them when I get to them The games above are the ones that I played and finished. There are others and I will list them once I finish them.

(I also have 243 games for the Iphone. Maybe one day I will play them. Hopefully some will get Universal so I can play them on the Ipad.

Please list your favorite Ipad games. Hopefully, we can find some gems that we don't know about. Please, no Devs pumping their own games.

Favorite IpadFieldrunners,Puzzle Quest 1&2,I Dig It,Space Miner,Highborn, Plants vs Zombie,Death Rally,Real Racing 1&2,War Pinball,Battle Heart,Angry Birds, Jetpack,Gesundheit,Zombie GS,Bumpy Road,Where's Water, Osmos, Glowfish, Goo,Contre Jour
05-08-2011, 12:08 AM
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I just got my iPad 2! ANd my the games look pretty on it! I have been playing Samurai 2 since yesterday. And as great as the artwork looked on my iPod, it really takes a bigger display to appreciate the "looks" of the game fully.

That's about it. Have mostly been experimenting with painting apps on it since yesterday. Will get down to proper gaming once I get the back case for grip that I have ordered online.

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02-26-2012, 04:08 PM
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I'm new to iOS gaming, and the iPad is my very first idevice. I'd be grateful for any extra inspiration, and for what's worth, I'll add...

Jetpack Joyride & Canabalt
Probably the only endless runners I'll ever need to install

Like games used to be, only better

Boost 2
Those reviews on the AppStore that declare this the best game ever made... aren't that far from the truth

Mos Speedrun
Excellent touch controls which work as an alternative to the virtual d-pad

SimCity Deluxe for blah blah blah
I'm yet to sink my teeth into this, but first impressions are promising

F-SIM Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle landing simulator

Amongst my all time favourite games

Oh...and Enviro Bear