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App description: A great quest awaits you.... a BeardQuest.

An adventure full of magic and mystery. Set deep in a forest full of sorcery, you will face your toughest journey. Armed only with a map and your instincts, you will face puzzles and obstacles that will try to prevent you from succeeding. Do not fear though, you will encounter powerful objects and coin that will assist you in your journey. The journey that ends with a great and powerful beard.

You are the wizard and harvesting elements is what gives you your power. Gathering elements while deep in the forrest will reward you will objects that will make the journey easier. You may even find help along the way but, use caution.... some are not what they seem.

During your Quest you will encounter 3 main tasks:
1. Harvesting Elements (fire, water, earth, and air):
- Match any three like elements by tapping and swapping them (in any direction including diagonally) to gain levels
- You can not let the elements reach the top or you will loose a level and possibly some of your beard!
- Rune stones will try to stop your harvesting, harvest around them or craft items to destroy them

2. Spell Page Arrangements:
- You must unscramble and arrange tiles into a complete image so that they may be later used
- These can be tricky but patience and perseverance is the key

3. Crafting items that are found or purchased:
- You will have to find a special location on your wizard map where items are easily mixed, as well as sold
- Crafted items can be used to help harvest elements or destroy obstacles (i.e.. harvesting all fire elements at once)
- You can use simple items as they are first obtained or you can experiment as most wizards do with combining and crafting items to make more powerful ones
- Crafted items are stored in your wizard inventory bag and can be equipped on shelves for use while harvesting
- Your items will appear on a table where you can select them for crafting. Drag/swipe your finger right or left anywhere around the table to navigate through the items on the table There are a total of 35 item slots you can navigate left or right through. Items are added left to right, so drag/swipe to the left to find recent items.

Follow the new wizard's tutorial at the start of your journey and then begin your Quest. There is a manual that you may refer to whenever in need. Remember to enjoy and have fun! Your beard is full of physics and will grow as you level. Feel free, as it gets longer, to drag it around so you can see all the elements.

Now... Will you wrap yourself in robes of blue, don a pointed hat of the same hue, and take grip of a staff that is magic imbued.. and go on a Wizard's Journey, a BeardQuest!

drelbs's comments:
TOFTT'd this one by mistake - Apple no longer refunds me 'accidentally purchased' apps, so I'll be back with impressions after I install this one...

05-10-2011, 06:03 PM
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So far, not so good.

I just keep losing the match-3 game. (Elements appear and game ends when you reach the top...)

But... after a dozen games I realized you can move any two (non-diagonal) elements, they don't have to immediately match... which makes the game a little easier.

I'll come back after I manage to get past the match-3 part.

EDIT: made it past my first match-3 segment, got to the well where I should be able to craft things, and... can't get anything to do anything.

I'm stuck here, giving up for today, so far I can't recommend this to anyone.

* Shakes fist at App Store * "Two Dollars!"

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!

Last edited by drelbs; 05-10-2011 at 06:18 PM.
05-10-2011, 09:58 PM
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Wow, brutal TOFTT, drelbs. Look at that ridiculous beard. The community thanks you.

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05-10-2011, 11:00 PM
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Looks fun.. I think of PvZ.. Whts the hell..