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iPad: "Mummy Maze 2 (倉庫番迷路) HD" -- 15 codes

05-12-2011, 11:01 PM
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"Mummy Maze 2 (倉庫番迷路) HD" -- 15 codes

Great advanced Maze Game from original World Famous Logic Game Mummy Maze.
It is finally On iPad/iPhone4 now !
Not only mummys,but coins,fires,Keys,Gates,Traps,...
Bring you back to the old days.

How about access to tons of different maze games updated everyday from people all over the world.
How about generate MummyMaze ,sokoban,boxedin.. from your own hands?
How about share and challenge others all over the world with what ever room you design?
How about the specially skills of escape out of a room with mixed elements of different classical games: mummys,boxes,gates,keys,traps,coins,ropes,bombs,fi res.......

This legend is exactly the game!

Game Play:
1.Tutorials & Quick Challenge:
With 50 delicately chosen extra levels,you can quickly experience the game play of all maze games:mummy maze,sokoban,boxed in, etc.
2.Room Editor:
The Powerful Tool to design your own rooms containing all the items for other peoples all over the world. You can:
(1) Choose and put everything needed into a new room just by tapping.
(2) Test and solve it in your shortest steps.
(3) After Testing ,you can set it ready for upload.
3.Share Base:
It is the tool you can get access to mazes all over the world! You can:
(1) Download rooms from the "Hottest" "Newest" ranking list ,and try to solve in less steps than the best one,then your name will be recorded on server.
(2) Find exact rooms by the room map's name.
(3) Upload the rooms of "Ready" state from your Room Editor.
(4) Rate stars to rooms to recommend to other people.

The classical, addictive is completely new experience on iPad. Please view the screen shots.
It is not only a "All In One" maze games,but a database keeping updating rooms everyday,saves your money once and for all.


After playing ,please give us positive rating/suggestion for our months' hard work. Thank you very much.


also see "Mummy Maze Deluxe HD":

After playing ,please give us positive rating/suggestion for our months' hard work. Thank you very much.

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05-13-2011, 04:24 AM
Thnx very much. I took L3PY9Y7KX36T...will play and give an honest review!
05-13-2011, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by abbottlegerhunter View Post
thanks, using one
Don't forget to post which code, so the membership and developer know.

--> 3KT6WEWHKF97 is taken, with grateful thanks! (All the ones below it had been redeemed).

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