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App description: Save the children! Fend off wave after wave of marauding zombie characters who just won't stop coming!

Defend the children by lobbing deadly egg bombs to defend the front yard from these relentless crowds of undead. Aim for the head and do it quickly!

3 modes now included
* Classic - wave after wave of zombies are coming to get you, how many can you take out?

* 28 Waves Later - a more intense level for the seasoned zombie hunter who is not afraid to jump in at the deep end. No special egg bombs to bail you out!

* Time Attack - Set in the dark woods you start with a 2 minute countdown. Aim for the head for bonus time and high scores. Hurry up!

* Game Center support with Leaderboards for each mode
* Native Retina Display support
* Automatic detection of device orientation


What do people say about Zombie Scramble?

A very addictive game. 100% Recommended.

4/4 The excellent graphics and unique gameplay make this one of the best high-score games on the App Store
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8/10 ...a gorgeous game...

4/5 ...download and you will not regret it...

4/5 ...an amazing game, and Ive never had so much fun killing zombies.
***Nine Over Ten***

4.5/5 ...there is an overall irreverent humor that I find especially appealing.

djflippy's comments:

Couldn't find a thread for this; if it exists, mods can delete mine.
05-16-2011, 03:00 AM
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I've read about this game on several review sites with positive ratings. I would like to see if anyone on TA has played and what are your impressions?

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05-16-2011, 03:05 AM
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waiting for impressions too...thanks!

I love this world!
05-16-2011, 07:03 AM
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Well, I went ahead a bought it. It's basically a castle defense style game with a trajectory based firing system. It's wrapped in charming cartoony graphics and funny sound effects. You have to touch the screen high or low and figure out where your egg bomb will land. Some enemies require several egg shots to disintegrate. If your make a direct head shot, it's instant kill and higher points. There's a game statistics page and GC leaderboards, but no achievements. Has three game modes: classic with increasing waves, 2-minute time attack mode and something called 28 days later. I only played classic until I lost at wave 10. By wave 5 I didn't want to play anymore since I got bored. I'm not a big castle defense fan, but those who are may love this arcade game. Wish I didn't buy it but not that upset since it was only a buck.

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