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App description: Mach Block brings classic arcade action to the touch controls of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Play through 50 levels, clearing all enemies on the screen to advance to the next. Tap a square to walk, tap an enemy to attack, and tap a colored block to dash - the unique touch controls automatically navigate the shortest route to the square you tap. Stay alive by dodging enemies while you navigate each floor's maze.

* iPad-only feature: TWO-PLAYER COOPERATIVE PLAY ON THE SAME DEVICE! Each player sits head-to-head and uses half the screen. The second player can join or leave a game in progress at any time.
* Unique gameplay combines enemy-dodging arcade action with mazes and shortcuts for a light puzzle twist.
* Quick levels take about 30 to 90 seconds each for fast-paced gameplay.
* Easy tap and drag controls designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad.
* The colored blocks define the paths you can jump between platforms. Colored blocks allow you to jump orthogonally (directly up/down/left/right). Jump to a green block from any block (a green block creates a one-way path). Jump to a blue/purple block only while standing on another blue/purple block (a PAIR of blue/purple blocks creates a two-way path). Levels range from simple grids to intricate mazes, but you can always see the entire level all on the same screen.
* Four different enemy types and moving blocks provide a variety of challenges.
* Each of the 50 levels each has its own unique theme, name, and style. Advance upward through the tower while day changes to night until you reach the dramatic final floor.
* Play to stay alive and win, or play for a high score: Chain and combo bonuses provide extra challenge for advanced players.
* Interactive tutorial shows you how to play, while you play.
* Exit anytime with auto-save, and resume precisely where you left off. Works on both multitasking and non-multitasking devices.
* Choice of in-game soundtrack containing 15 tunes, or iPod music.

EntangledLabs's comments:

1-minute video, gameplay footage starts immediately

Youtube link | Pop Up

Entangled Labs is a one-person game developer. With the release of its first game, I've written a blog post:

The Making of Mach Block

It features interesting info about the game (level design, diagrams, enemy AI), and also about the general experience of being a one-person iPhone developer (how much time is spent on coding vs. art? what's it like diving into Objective-C and OpenGL?).

Enjoy the game, and hopefully some aspiring developers will find the inside info interesting as well!

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Awwww, it's not related to the Heavy Mach games...