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Hone your archery skills as you control Arno on hunting excursions through beautiful animated alien levels including jungle plains, snowy mountains and a dark forest.

Watch out for the local wildlife though, it might fight back! You may even encounter giant creatures that will require sharp aim and quick reflexes bring down safely.

Arno the Hunter is an action/shooting Highscore Game where aim and dodging ability are key.


- Gorgeous animated levels
- Shoot and battle strange and awe-inspring creatures
- Utilize an array of powerups
- Simple tilt and tap controls
- Global and local leaderboards
- Earn a variety of trophies
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements (new in v1.1)


**Was Featured in New & Noteworthy Games on the App Store**
"5/5 stars. Action/highscore game that takes it to the next level." - Jojopet TV
4/5 stars - TouchArcade
4.5/5 stars - Ifanzine
*Featured on Slide to Play "Under the Radar"
*Featured on Appolicious "Fresh Apps"


"Awesome visuals and addicting gameplay"
"Almost Perfect"
"Those graphics are freakin awesome!!"
"I'm an official addict to this game"
"Screenshots don't do it justice."


Collect items for upgraded fire, including an unstoppable boomerang and massive explosions. Defensive items such as shields and hearts can get out of a tough spot and prolong your survival.

For extra points build your score multiplier by not missing your shots. Chain together combos by scoring multiple hits with a single shot. Become a master hunter by collecting trophies. Use your hunting prowess to compete on the global leaderboards.

- Remember to use the powerups you get.
- For a higher score aim every shot to build your multiplier.

Arno the Hunter was made by Jon Kreuzer and Khang Le.
Khang Le is co-author of Beast Boxing 3D currently available on the app store.

More info and gameplay video at http://www.tenthplay.com/arno/

**Currently Completely Free** + no ads
(May switch back to paid if we do a major update.)

Gabrien's comments:
Just picked this one up. Fairly original concept; plays like nothing I can readily compare it to and plays well. Technically sound. Recommended.

05-16-2011, 07:28 PM
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Looks pretty cool. A gameplay video or description of the gameplay would be welcome. Can't really tell what's going on in those screens.

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05-16-2011, 07:30 PM
Thanks for posting the game!

I'm one of the developers of Arno the Hunter. I hope some of you guys and gals will try it out and enjoy it. If you have any questions about the game feel free to post to this thread and I will try to answer them.

Here's a gameplay video

Youtube link | Pop Up

05-16-2011, 07:52 PM
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I must say, I like this more the more I play it. The multiplier mechanic is what's keeping things addictive. It's just a really nice change of pace from all out frantic shooters with auto-fire on to come across one where each shot counts, making for much more measured (and tense!) gameplay.
05-16-2011, 08:37 PM
Thanks for the heads up, Gabrien. Anything made by the creator of Beast Boxing must surely be worth checking out.
05-16-2011, 08:38 PM
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I posted a gameplay trailer and also a video app review for this game today.
Gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXAGVAYwI-Y
Video Review - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTjtsMDV_pQ

I hope this is helpful
05-16-2011, 08:43 PM
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I am guessing this would be Pretty hard to play on an iPad due to the tilt and tap shooting.
05-16-2011, 09:39 PM
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Game Impressions

Maybe only relevant to the oldsters here, but doesn't this game feel like you've been sucked up into a "Yes" album cover?

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05-16-2011, 10:02 PM
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Game Impressions

What I really like about this game is the attention to detail in the artwork. Screenshots don't do it justice, because the parallax scrolling is outstanding. Each scenery element has multiple, tiny, animating details that makes the world come alive. The bosses are amazingly detailed and very subtly and beautifully animated. To amend what LordGek said, it's like a Yes album cover illustrated by H.R. Giger. lol

The gameplay is quite good too. As Gabrien pointed out, a skilled series of well-placed shots is very rewarding. Choosing which weapon is best for which enemy or enemies allows for frequent decision-making and a nice dose of positive feedback. The basic shot, triple-shot, bounce shot, nuke, etc. all have their proper place and tactical usage.

The rolling mechanic works fine, feels somewhat alien themed, and enables you to cover ground more quickly. The accelerometer tilt feels natural and never gets in the way of the gameplay. It can be tricky to target enemies when rolling around a hectic field of diverse enemies, but that's half the fun. The enemies are more than adequately varied too, since each new world has a new set of enemies.

All in all, a very solid effort, both in gameplay and graphics, from a developer with a bright future. Recommended.

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05-16-2011, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
Maybe only relevant to the oldsters here, but doesn't this game feel like you've been sucked up into a "Yes" album cover?
Probably just as old, but to me this game looked reminiscent of the old Psygnosis games/artwork.