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App description: A beaming gauntlet of 100+ high-speed, skill-testing laser obstacles. Brilliantly rendered laser environments. Touch to begin swiping and dashing your arrow in the direction indicated, and prepare to dodge lasers like never before. THIS GAME GETS DIFFICULT.
With a score multiplier that boosts every time you play, your potential for higher scores, more levels, and valuable collectables boosts with it.
How high can you take your multiplier and score?
Laser-rendered environments, geometric bosses, a riveting soundtrack and more await.
*Simple and addicting touch-and-move Controls.
*Endless Gameplay.
*Permanent score multiplier that ensures higher scores the more you play.
*Multipliers on top of your permanent multiplier.
*Procedurally generated laser terrain.
*Dynamically generated obstacles.
*Multiple Laser Environments.
*Billions of Points.
*Multiple un-lockable songs by Night Runner.
*19 Achievements.
*Laser Evasion Dynamics (L.E.D.).
-Wow! The game is amazing so far!
-The first thing I thought was the last Star Fox boss.
-Very good looking game, love the premise.
Message from the developer:
I hope you enjoy every moment of LED. Finishing this game on my own has been quite a journey for me (and it would not have been possible without the people around me supporting). Show your support by rating and reviewing this game, it means the world to me and helps me grow and deliver more great games in the future. Follow me on twitter @SuperJustin5000.

superjustin5000's comments:
Just released today. Play and rate and let me know what you think.

Thank you all, enjoy, and have a good one.