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App description: Blluby is a new puzzle game never played before. Simple but smart, Blluby is the most addictive puzzle game. You can't stop playing!

Blluby is cute and catchy, made with cubes. You learn how to play in a very short time, because Blluby is easy to play. You just need to lead the little blue cube to the end cube. Each level ends at the purple cube. Make sure turning all the other cubes of the level in the blue color.
If you reach the purple cube but not all the level cubes became blue, you will need to restart the level.

The levels will become increasingly difficult and you will need to use imagination, creativity and reasoning to conquer them.

Good luck!

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jcbadboy's comments:
Hi every one!

I'd like to say to you im very happy! Finally my two apps was accpeted by appstore:

BLLUBY Game (0,99):

Energized Dice(FREE):

hope you like it!


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interesting! waiting for impressions

I love this world!

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Game Impressions

BLLUBY Exclusive for iPad


Playability 8 / 10

The controls are very simple and you simply click on the adjacent square you wish to move onto. The game is easy to pick up, although it is not obvious immediately what the idea of the game is, however, once you have worked out that you have to turn all the blocks the same colour, it's easy to play. There are no options to adjust the controls, but there could be no better control method anyway so this is not needed. The controls work ok, but it would have been nice to be able to move more than 1 block at a time, or to be able to move much faster as it can get frustrating to slowly move around the levels once you have worked out how to solve them. The game is single player only.
Graphics 8 / 10

The graphics are simple 3D coloured blocks, but actually work extremely well for this type of game. The graphics really go well with this game. Seeing as this game is written in the Unity 3D engine, it would have been easy to add a little more sparkle to the graphics, or use some creative camera zooms etc. but none are forthcoming, and more effort in the transitions between screens would have been appreciated. However overall though very good for a puzzle game
Sound 6 / 10

The music and effects are ok, but nothing special really. There is a nice guitar tune which plays in the background. At the end of the day, this is a puzzle game, so sound is not absolutely nescessary. The overall quality of the sound (for what there is) is perfectly acceptable.
Longevity 9 / 10

It isn't clear exactly how many levels there are to play, but gut feel is that there are quite a few. As there are no bonuses for completing levels quickly, once you've done them all, you'd be unlikely to come back for more, however it's so easy to play that there's no reason why anyone wouldn't keep coming back for a long time until all the levels have been done.
Value 10 / 10

This is a great value game. Simple gameplay admittedly, but well presented and plenty of challenge.
Overall 8 / 10

This is a pretty enjoyable puzzle game with nicely presented graphics. There are a couple of frustratin elements of the gameplay, but anyone who likes these sorts of games is going to find out that this is a good one. Recommended!
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BLLUBY on Youtube

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Game Impressions

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The iphonesoft.fr contest ends 13/02/2012 , 6pm, local timezone.

Dont lost your PROMOCODE!

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