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The next game from BRAVO game studios

05-20-2011, 08:00 AM
The next game from BRAVO game studios

Youtube link | Pop Up

Bravo Game Studios

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05-20-2011, 08:19 AM

Why would anyone put up a vid, advertise their next game in the thread title, only to show off their animated company logo?

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05-20-2011, 08:27 AM
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Nice logo, but seriously is this the wrong video?
05-20-2011, 08:29 AM
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is it a joke, right?

I love this world!
05-20-2011, 08:30 AM
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Nah guys I think your supposed to be focusing on the engine starting in the beginning. Probably some sort of racing game.

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05-20-2011, 08:34 AM
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Xtreme Wheels

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05-20-2011, 01:31 PM
Isn't this better?

Mmmmm, isn't this link better than the video?


05-21-2011, 02:42 AM
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07-11-2011, 06:33 PM
upcoming game from BRAVO GAMES

Youtube link | Pop Up

Visit us at Bravo Games to learn more!!

Bravo Game Studios

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07-12-2011, 06:50 AM
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Any more info? Like release day, gameplay video or price.
That teaser has got me I need more info.