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App description: "Jangle is sure to be an App Store hit." - appadvice.com

Over two million games played! Come join the fun and Jangle with us!

Praise from Players
"Best game in app store by far and very very addicting."
"This is the best word game in the AppStore."
"Quick Action, no crashes."
"Excellent, online play is great"
"Great game & doesn't get held up with people taking too long..."

Challenge your friends or a random opponent to an online multiplayer word game in real time! Play online with your friends NOW! It's FREE!

In Jangle, you frantically build the longest word you can in a short time limit. Be quick! Each letter scores points with some being worth more than others. Use the bonus spaces to double and triple your letter points. The final round has a full word you can decipher or build the largest word you can and hope your opponent doesn't guess the entire word.


- Full Multiplayer with 2 play modes, for a variety of situations: play and pass & play online

- Facebook Integrated. Invite and play your friends in real time!

- Robust Player Stats and Rankings. See how you stack up against your friends!

- Full Dictionary to define any game word

- Chat between Rounds

- Addictive game play with a twist. Not only will you have fun, you'll also build your vocabulary!

Play NOW and earn bonus games for inviting your Facebook friends!

Connect with us on twitter: #JangleGame

And on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=184019714941419

retiredastronaut's comments:
How many of you, my fellow developers, have received a Cease & Desist letter from a big conglomerate? Well, now I can count myself as a lucky recipient.

We published an app called Squabble that was doing quite well. About a month into it, Hasbro came a knocking. All the details are here.

The gist of all this is I have a *cough* *cough* new game to announce:

05-25-2011, 03:35 PM
Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Kansas
Posts: 5,338
This is an excellent game. Played both online and pass n play and was very impressed. Online matches connect almost immediately and there was always someone to play.

05-25-2011, 07:55 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 509
This game would be better if it was optimized for the iPad. The giant black border around the game is distracting, it's obviously just a 2x iPhone game with Retina graphics. The splash page fills up the whole screen, but it's low-res. I'd like to see the game fill the entire iPad screen in HD.
05-25-2011, 10:09 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 5,146
Game Impressions

Nice game. Could use some more game modes, special tiles, but still a nice game. Why only Facebook though and why consumable IAP? Not sure I'll bother keeping it on my device for those reasons only.
05-26-2011, 12:35 AM
Joined: May 2009
Location: Bookland
Posts: 3,366
Facebook and consumable IAP, you just killed the app for me.
05-26-2011, 12:40 AM
Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Kansas
Posts: 5,338
Originally Posted by Squeaker View Post
Facebook and consumable IAP, you just killed the app for me.
I am not sure why they went with just Facebook but a lot of people I know have this, so it doesn't bother me.you can play as a guest without FaceBook or pass n play though.

As for the consumables, you start with 15 online games and once you get below five games, new games will generate for you to use every seven minutes. I have played a lot of games and have spent nothing.

If you do want to buy games, it is .99 for 99 online games. Really not a bad deal IMO.
05-26-2011, 02:07 PM
A penny a game? That's too expensive!
05-26-2011, 02:07 PM
Joined: May 2011
Posts: 4
Thanks for the comments

@SuperWeird : Good catch. We do have some higher than retina res graphics for the iPad, but we're not doing enough for iPad, agreed. We are scaling up the opening graphic from 940 to 1024. There is More to come. We've made 4 updates including a complete makeover in a little over a month.

@Squeaker and @Gabrien: We decided not to implement our own friend list system and instead decided to leverage facebook for matching friends (Gamecenter was out because we support Android). You can still play anonymously, but we obviously can't match you with your friends that way. It's worse on Android, BTW. We have to force Facebook because Android can't guarantee a unique identifier per device. Can you believe that?! As to in app purchases, we try to give you the best deal for your playtime as possible, if that is the only complaint (similar to 'why isn't this free'), I can live with that.

@BazookaTime: Thanks for the mini-review. We indeed have a lot of people on, especially at nighttime (US). So, you'll almost always get someone new and the challenge is always different.
05-26-2011, 02:57 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 509
Squabble appears to still be on the app store along side Jangle. Will you continue to provide support for Squabble, or should all of us Squabble owners replace it with Jangle?
05-26-2011, 03:07 PM
Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Kansas
Posts: 5,338
Just left a five star review. I have been able to find an immediate match every time I play, day or night. I would say my competition has been about 50% Facebook users, 50% Guests.

What I really like about the pricing structure is that by making it essentially free, there should always be a large user base. Adding in pass and play support is just extra icing on the cake.