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App description: The Epic Adventures of Milton follows Milton, a blue critter from a tiny village unimaginatively and inaccurately called Town, who is on a quest to find the Princess of his Heart. To find her, he must travel through six treacherous and exciting worlds.
Milton is a 2D run and jump side scrolling adventure. It's the perfect game for fans of classic video game action.
The Epic Adventures of Milton has solid gameplay designed with the iPhone player in mind. Its unique control scheme will keep you moving. It features an original sound track, over 60 brilliantly designed levels, and stunning surreal backdrops. You will not be disappointed!

Watch the trailer at http://youtu.be/BPjyl15hsY8

Jakeaaronson's comments:
An Art friend and myself have just released our first iphone game 'The Epic Adventure of Milton' we both spent about 9 months part time working on it and we would really appreciate any reviews, feedback or any help promoting our game. I played a lot of the old 8bit and 16bit plat formers growing up and it has definitely influenced our game. The game is pretty kick ass if I say so myself. It has awesome game play, great controls, cool art work, an original soundtrack and over 70 engaging levels. Thanks for reading my post.

iTunes link

youtube link

05-27-2011, 02:42 PM
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LITE VERSION http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-epic-adventure-milton/id437215195?mt=8

Youtube link | Pop Up

Art looks really nice. I'm tempted by this one...

Edit - watched video - bought it... I'll have some impressions in a little while...

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05-27-2011, 03:38 PM
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Game Impressions

Nice little platformer...

I have played about 12 or 13 levels.

Art is done in a 2 1/2 D style, so there is a really nice sense of depth, although the game is strictly 2 D.

Movement is by tilt (I'm not a big fan of tilt to move) but it works well. Tilt less to walk slowly, more to run. Press the screen to either jump, or throw rocks when they are available. You can't jump and throw rocks at the same time.

Background music is nice, and sounds are nice. There will certainly be those that want their own music, but I think the music that the devs chose goes with the various themes.

There are things to move, physics to consider, and so far a nice selection of different type enemies.

I like not having a timer - and there isn't one!! Yeah!!

Could it be outstanding ? Yes, I think it could.

Issues - hit detection is not the greatest, and in platformers that is always problematic - it is close, and this is a casual not requiring super close calls - but it is still not fun to have some room, and get hit by an enemy. Also, the hero can walk on the air for at least his own length before falling off a ledge (this false area also works against you, because you can't jump through it consistently).
While much of the art is really gorgeous, some of the areas are very "retro" appearing with blocky graphics - sort of a dichotomy that is a bit strange.
So far the levels are very short, and I'm getting through them very quickly.
I'm not looking to get through them quickly, it is just that they are short.
Generally if you hit an enemy you die, but sometimes the enemy won't run into you and kill you even if it was supposed to, I did not mind that, but I think it is a hit detection error.

So, - a fun platformer that I think could be made better - better hit detection, some improvement with the boundaries of the ledges, and mostly levels that are longer or have some increased challenge. I realize Im at the beginning, but the game has a tutorial. mostly I want bigger levels - they don't have to be a lot bigger, but so far I am completing these in probably 45 seconds to a minute, and I'm not trying to get through fast. If I was trying, it would be a lot less than that...

Ive also had 2 crashes - game stopped and dropped out to the springboard. Resumed where I left off though, so probably not a big issue. Good luck with it!

I would certainly encourage people to try out the lite, and get the full version if they like that. The art is certainly very nice, and I really like the selection of background music, and so consider my TOFTT to be worth it.

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05-28-2011, 10:19 AM
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Thanks pluto6

@pluto6 thanks for re-posting the iTunes and YouTube trailer I could not quite get it to work. I did have some trouble with these forums and thanks for trying out the game.

There are about 70 levels the first third are pretty easy but they do git a lot harder. I would be really impressed if you could be all the later levels in under 60 seconds. I think it would take most gamers 4 or so hours to beat the game.

Somebody who left a review of demo said they wanted buttons instead of tilt control. We did have a development build of the game that had the option of buttons or tilt but we felt the tilt was much more responsive. Maybe we will release an update and put the option back in.

The hit detection could be improved and the game does crash occasionally. unfortunately I think the game crashing is a bug in monotouch some middle-ware we are using so I don't if we can fix that. Maybe in a sequel I will write it in Objective-C and C++ instead of C#.

Anyway thanks pluto6 for playing my game. I glad you enjoyed it. I really appreciate the feedback.
05-28-2011, 05:05 PM
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I tried out the lite version, and the tilt controls ruined it for me...

If you add a virtual d-pad, it'll probably end up on my list of apps to buy... but until then...

Sorry, I really think tilt controls should not be implemented in platformer games. Just my opinion, and I'm sure some people might like em, but I've loved platformers for the last 20 years... d-pads are what I'm use to...

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05-28-2011, 10:04 PM
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Trying the lite and into just the early levels. Its a good game even with tilt although I'm not one for them either. Using tilt and then jumping onto one of the platforms that move up and down requires to keep the device steady all the while and this is my main issue so far and reason why I'd prefer buttons. Harder to manage but doable and learning to use them still. I've also experienced Milton walking on air a few times and not dying when coming in contact with the enemy but pluto6's review (nice review and thanks for the TOFTT, btw) has mentioned of this. I think I used a couple to jump on top to other platforms even.
I really like this game and continuing on with the lite to see the tilt controls will make the game for me. A definite buy if the hit detection errors are fixed and hoping of an option for button controls as well.
05-29-2011, 02:02 AM
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Not in the US appstore... oO

or did you mean your post?

And I didn't mean to sound harsh, if I did...

I know there are some platformers that work well with the tilt controls - for instance, Hoggy. I like Hoggy... even bought the extra levels... - but if you added a dpad in the options menu, and let us pick between tilt and dpad controls, I think you would get more sales. =o)

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05-29-2011, 09:39 AM
Been hearing a lot of buzz from this games from people and had to come check out what they are all talking about!

The one thing that threw me are the screenshots. @Dev - please rotate them to the proper orientation. I spent a few seconds staring at the first one trying to figure out how in the heck you are supposed to get over or balance on those stilts. Then I realized it isn't a portrait game. Right there that will help a lot since there won't be people like me that actually try to figure it out - they will look at it quickly and pass if it doesn't suit them. Shows you also went the extra distance to really make your game look great in the descriptions and all.

My two cents.