Request a custom avatar!

04-07-2015, 05:40 PM
Request a custom avatar!

I've been offering to create avatar and signature pictures on several forums before and since we've just gotten the ability to use avatars, I thought I might as well offer this free service here.

I'm a photoshop/gimp hobbyist and I can create pretty much everything you'll request. But since avatars are personal and are supposed to tell something about yourself, you should at least have a vague idea on what the avatar picture should feature.

To request an avatar picture either post in this thread or send me a private message with some information about what you would like to see in your avatar picture. After that I'll send a few different versions to you to choose from and work on one, or come up with a new one, until you are satisfied with it. The more specific you are about it, the better. Oh, and if you are planning on using the avatar on other websites, please specify the picture resolution in advance and I will provide better quality versions.
*I've been told that my avatars are extremely "dark" as in "I could just look at [Elsa's] avatars in the dark instead of watching a horror movie." (guess it's just my personality), so please specify if you want a "happier" looking avatar, with brighter and more cheerful colors.

Some ideas, if you're out of them:
I can cut out your favourite character from a video game/movie/tv show/cartoon etc. Add a backround, make a border around it, round it off to make it look like an app icon. Your username initials with a specific look, your face in a cartoon style and so forth...

Here is a really small porfolio of avatars and mockups I did for the users of this forum:

I'm just bored and I really like working on this kind of things, so I'll look forward to your request!

Status: OPEN and waiting for requests!

Waiting line:
- oscar123967
- Andre
- 7lilwhitewolf7
- Jerutix

Short guide on how to upload your avatar:
1. Go to your User Control Panel, then go to Edit Avatar (if you are having trouble finding that, just click on the link and it will automaticaly take you there)
2. Check the "Use Custom Avatar" box
3. Then you have two options; You can choose to upload an image which is stored on your device, or you can upload a remote file, all you need is a link.
4. Don't forget to hit the "Save Changes" button
* If your avatar could not be uploaded, make sure that it meets all requirements (the image must not be animated, it must be within the 68x68 pixel limit and its size must not exceed 19.5kB. *note that the image is automaticaly resized if you are uploading from your device)

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04-12-2015, 07:29 PM
Very cool! Can you create an image like this (a pixelated Master Chief helmet) with a background/border that fits the TA colors?

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04-13-2015, 09:50 AM
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I have a request that I think will push your creativity. Whenever I'm on soccer sites or playing soccer games, I always name my club Chupacabra FC. Could you design a custom avatar/crest for my fictional team? I'm thinking something about 500x500 so I can use it at multiple places. I'm not looking for anything too scary, so maybe a more stylized Chupacabra (some sort of shadow profile or just a variation that wouldn't terrify children... much). I would like the name incorporated into the crest somehow. And when I say crest, I just mean that it is on some kind of shield (triangle, circle, whatever works best). Let me know if you want more direction. Thanks!

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04-21-2015, 05:08 AM
@Elsa: can you take an avatar of Sephiroth, a character in Final Fantasy VII? Here is the link:

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