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App description: Former iPad Game of the week in several countries Winner of many awards and rated 5th Best iPhone Game of 2011 (metacritic.com)
Rated 6th Best iPhone Game of 2011 (skytechgeek.com) - "Pudding Panic seems to have created a genre that has never been seen before on the App Store." Appgamer

Short Describtion:
An Action Puzzle Game about a fearful blob of pudding in a spooky haunted house, scare monsters with freakish weapons and get to the exit as fast as you can!

Best Euro Indie Award - Dutch Game Awards (Nomination)

Best Mobile Game - German Game Developer Award 2011

Best Game Design - German Game Developer Award 2011 (Nomination)

Best Handheld Game - German Game Developer Award 2011 (Nomination)

Red Dot Design Award "Digital Games"

Tommi Award 2011

Pocket Gamer Gold Award
"A puzzler without comparison on iPhone sweet like shock-o-late!"

Mobile XP Gold Award
One of the best iOS games of its genre!

A stunning piece of art a spectacular look and feel The gameplay is unique and for this low price Pudding Panic is a great buy!


An anxious pudding is trapped in a haunted house! Puzzle the puddings way to the exit and unravel tricky labyrinths. But beware! Scary monsters are waiting in the dark! Your only chance of survival is to scare the monsters back before the pudding quivers, shivers and faints from fear. Fight evil witches, rattling skeletons and rusty knights with an arsenal of crazy weapons! Collect coins to reload your weapons and valerian for your nerves! Are you clever and skilled enough to escape the labyrinth and to defeat the final enemies?

Test your courage in 48 suspenseful levels and dive into four beautiful 3D worlds! Many variations in gameplay and lots of creepy challenges will make your pulse rise and your adrenalin flow: Solve puzzles, play against the clock, escape the monsters and win treacherous races! A crazy game for players of any level, but only those with strong nerves!

Play the first ghost train game in realtime 3D!

Feature list:

A long-lasting nightmare: Hours of gameplay across 48 exciting levels!

Four fantastic 3D worlds with scary monsters, crazy weapons and creepy surprises

Many playing variations new challenges in every level!

Madcap animations and sounds!

Keep your spirits up, your courage will be rewarded!

Press quotes:

Super fun to play! this game is sure to have something to make you smile!

Pudding Panic will provide hours of entertainment if you love action, horror and rollercoaster rides!

Fun carnival haunted house vibe!

Pudding Panic is by far the best.

A very original game with fantastic graphics and an adorable main character wonderfully spooky and amusing music and sound effects a charming game to play!

A puzzle platformer with a very unique twist! This campy horror spoof for strategy puzzle lovers will have you screaming in glee as you test your mind mettle against the speed of the game and the horrors within!

Pudding Panic seems to have created a genre that has never been seen before on the App Store A pat on the back for whoever came up with such a crazy and outlandish idea!

Vovin's comments:

Coolest. Game. Ever.
06-08-2011, 04:49 PM
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Loving the artwork

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06-08-2011, 08:52 PM
Joined: Apr 2011
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I just bought the HD version and while I am very early in playing the levels, it is quite fun. The art, sounds, music and theme are very appealing in a cute Halloween kind of way.

Unfortunately, there has been very little coverage of this one on the web with no reviews yet, so it may be under the radar. If the gameplay holds up throughout the entire game, I suspect it will become very popular.

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06-09-2011, 09:28 AM
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This game deserves a lot more attention. Everything about it is superb, the art, the music, the gameplay. Fantastic puzzler that shouldn't get buried.
06-09-2011, 09:32 AM
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Certainly shot under my radar... any videos about?

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06-09-2011, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by MidianGTX View Post
Certainly shot under my radar... any videos about?

Youtube link | Pop Up

So are the solutions fairly scripted or do the levels have decent replay value?

Are all levels simply pass/fail or are top scores tracked?

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06-09-2011, 09:51 AM
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It's your standard puzzler. Scripted, but you need to collect passes to unlock new worlds. No scores, just pass/fail.
06-09-2011, 08:42 PM
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How about the game? It stands in New & Noteworthy homepage now.

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06-09-2011, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Squeaker View Post
It's your standard puzzler. Scripted, but you need to collect passes to unlock new worlds. No scores, just pass/fail.
I like it the way it is right now . I certainly want another puzzle game to turn into a speed run game just for competitive leaderboards .

Please support these indie developers for putting in so much effort and making what is known as a hidden gem .

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06-09-2011, 09:04 PM
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Yet another game I'm passing on (for now) due to it not being universal.

Also strikes me as a case of "2D game in 3D." Though looks alright overall.