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App description: Quick Reactions, Nerves Of Steel and A Head For Heights is what you
need to be a Stick Man Base Jumper

A high altitude, high adrenalin stick adventure. Scale the dizzying
heights of our base jump tower, wait, run, then JUMP... Oh and don't
forget to pull your parachute, that will certainly help you avoid
hitting the ground at terminal velocity.

Hold the trick button, and your nerve, to score points and challenge friends on Game Centre.

A quick pick up and play game with a small learning curve but a big fun factor.
06-11-2011, 03:01 AM
Got a few promos to give away.

If anyone wants one, drop me a PM....BUT

also reply in this thread telling us the most rad and exxxxtreeeeeeme thing you have ever done......go on....impress us.