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iPad: 3D Safari Park: Voice Control

06-10-2011, 04:19 AM
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3D Safari Park: Voice Control

Hi everybody,

I am a newbie here, I have completed a new game, its name is-'3D Safari Park: Voice Control', it is waiting for review now, and I can not wait to share it with you all, wish you like it.

In this game, I use my original real time voice recognition engine to deal with the voice, the animals can understand your voice with no time delay, they perform actions you tell them.

and here is the video on youtube I made yesterday, it is somewhat blur, maybe it is because of the size is 480x320? I can not record the voice recognition function in this demo video, because I recorded it from the iPhone simulator, and not from a real iPad, but the basic version is Free, you can soon test it yourself.

Here are some screenshots:

If you don't mind, I want to post the description below, here it is:

3D Safari Park: Voice Control

This app will present you a beautiful 3D safari park where you can control realistic 3D animals via your voice.

No matter whatever language you speak, the animals can understand your voice, I am not kidding you, because this magic app has one unique creative real time voice recognition engine. With it, the animals can response to your voice with no time delay, thus you can talk with the animals while you are playing with them, and they act what you tell them.

Unlike other video games, this is a live 3D safari park, every performance is generated in real time, you will feel like that you are watching your favorite Animal World TV channel, the difference is that the animals here will never repeat their performance.

You can add any animals combination to the scene. For example, you add one lion and one lioness to the scene, then you add three fawns to the scene, you sit and appreciate their exciting chasing and evading game, what a wonderful thing it is! The camera will always tracing the animal you are watching, and you can zoom in and out the focus to watch the details.

This is an iPad only In App Purchase app, the basic version is Free, you can evaluate the voice recognition engine before you pay for the animals.

This app dedicates to all children who love animals, and their parent, wish you like it.


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06-14-2011, 08:24 PM
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It's on sale today: Here it is, download and try it please.