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Infinity Blade - Multiplayer Strategy Notes

06-12-2011, 05:27 PM
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Infinity Blade - Multiplayer Strategy Notes

This is an expanded version of something I posted in the main thread. Please take a look. If you have friends who play IB send them a link, too.


Infinity Blade's multiplayer mode is really excellent. As a knight things are much more exciting when there's a human controlling the bad guys. And demolishing people with the titans is really satisfying too. Plus thanks to the nature of the game and I guess nice programming by Chair lag is rarely a problem.

Most players, however, are really terrible. I'm not sure what the deal is - seems to me it's very tough for people to go from Angry Birds to Infinity Blade - but I'm not here to complain I'm here to help!

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Any skill level is cool I add everybody except rage quitters.

Part One - Tips for Knights

==Basic Input Stuff==

You can hold your finger on the shield icon then drag it away to go directly from a block pose to a sword swing. You can try to parry at the last minute like this and you'll block if your timing was late.

You don't need to draw your finger across the screen to attack; you can make very small lines with your thumb anywhere except the sides. For example:


In general it's a bad idea to initiate clashes. Look at it this way: as a knight you're always getting chances to hit your opponent through guard break and dodge break. For the titan, winning clashes and the super he gets from winning clashes are his only free shots. Unless you're really confident in your tapping ability or are feeling desperate avoid clashing.

Having said that, it's nice to use parries to break up multi-hit rage attacks. Vs. Zero Mech level 3 rage, dodge the charge then parry the overhead swing to avoid having to deal with the rest.

Combo basics
3 hit "big hit" combo Left Right Left
4 hit "huge hit" combo Left Left Right Right
5 hit "ultra hit" combo Left Right Up Down Left

You start in any direction and just rotate accordingly so Up, Down, Left, Right, Up is also a 5 hit combo. I find average human-controlled Titan breaks out of a combo in 4 to 5 hits so I usually do a four hitter then try for one more Left, Right.

It's possible to do follow up high damage hits with just two more attacks but it's still mysterious to me how this works.
Left, Left, Right, Right, (tiny pause) Left, Right
Something like that does
hit, hit, hit, big hit, hit, big hit

When your opponent's hit points are in the single digits, you might as well go for a scratch kill. Kill a 2 hp titan with a scratch right as they're coming at you with a level 3 rage for good psychological damage!


Don't buy your third shield until your opponent picks his second titan. Buy Odin Guard for Feral Troll and buy Osseous for Marrow Fiend.

When your shield gets broken you can still use it to reduce damage and guard break your opponent. Both players reel but the knight recovers much more quickly.


Here's a quick list of the different swords. If you have a fire sword but you aren't getting "fire hits" that means they bought the correct ring and you should upgrade towards ice or The Infinity Blade.

Part Two - Tips for Titans coming soon.

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06-12-2011, 06:40 PM
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Thanks for writing this up! I'm looking forward to part 2!
06-14-2011, 11:47 AM
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You're welcome 12yam!

*tumbleweed rolls by*

Part Two - Tips for Titans


The best way to win clashes is to preemptively tap the screen in anticipation of their parry every time you end a combo. This may sound like a hassle but it's worth the trouble as the dizzy and super can turn the whole match in your favor. Against a knight who thinks they're hot stuff (hasn't read my tips above) lure them into starting a clash with slow horizontal attacks then tap like a maniac as your sword swings towards them.

When it comes to tapping skulls I find that using multiple fingers works better than using one. I bring all five fingers together then tap the center of the screen. This gives much more rage than just using one finger. Here's a picture - phone is my only camera pretend the box is an iPhone.

Don't sit on rage! If you have rage (the little number in the upper left) use it! With the five-finger skull tapping I have a rage ready to go after almost every dodge break/guard break.

The only case where you want to wait to use rage is when you're saving for a higher level attack. For example Brute's level 2 is much better than his level 1 so you may want to wait until you have that.


If you happen to win the first round you might want to stick with the Horned Guardian for another round or two to see what equipment they buy. In particular, if they buy a shield you can counter pick: buy Marrow Fiend if they get Odin Guard and they won't have any defense for the fire/ice damage you do later in the match.

Do not buy the third ring until you see what kind of sword they get. Purchase electric defense for Kludd and fire defense for FireBrand. There's no reason you should take elemental damage two rounds in a row.


Here's a list of the different titans. I didn't get a chance to copy down a few numbers but you can make educated guesses.

The titan upgrade tree is very straightforward. As I wrote above, if your opponent buys a shield with electricity defense before you get your second titan you can upgrade towards fire or ice and he won't be able to reduce the damage.

I took two pics from this site:

06-14-2011, 12:20 PM
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Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for using the time to put this together. I didn't even know the titans had a second branch. Definitely going to be playing around with that today..I always branched out towards the God King since I didn't know we could scroll down on the first upgrade. Thanks again. Plenty of other useful stuff here as well.

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06-14-2011, 02:37 PM
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Do you have any tips on the Knight's super attack? I'm not understanding how to build it up in multiplayer. I've seen a couple of player's use this against me in almost back to back chains and I don't understand how they are doing this.