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EvolutionRGB - Forces of Nature - From Jailbroken to the official App Store

06-14-2011, 09:48 AM
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EvolutionRGB - Forces of Nature - From Jailbroken to the official App Store

Hi folks,

I'd like to proudly announce my upcoming game called "EvolutionRGB - Forces of Nature". The initial version of this game has been released in 2007 before the App Store was even born. Back then it was downloaded over 100,000 times by users of jailbroken phones. But it disappeared due to lack of support by the initial developers and even missed support for iOS 3.x and above.

What is EvolutionRGB?

With EvolutionRGB you can pit yourself against the relentless forces of nature and use them to create your own, unique world! Let the plants bloom and grow just to burn them down afterwards. Erupt volcanos and extinct them with a heavy shower. Or turn your world upside down and change everything - again!

It is a mix of a physics game and magic sand. You draw the different elements with your fingers and they start to react with another, like you would expect it. If water falls on seed, then plants grow. Fire burns down plants. The initial version has 6 elements to play with (Seed, Plants, Smelter, Fire, Cloud, Water). By rotating the device you change the gravity, which adds another level of fun.

We uploaded a promotion video to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook to show the core features of the app:


More information and screenshots are here: www.evolutionrgb.com

*** Highlights ***

- 6 different elements for creating unique worlds
- Change the gravity by rotating the device
- Cloud synchronization/storage with Dropbox
- Share your creations on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Email and more
- iTunes Filesharing

WIth a license agreement in place with the original authors, it now comes back with its full beauty plus many new features like Dropbox Storage and many sharing options (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

More Information:

Developer/Publisher: BlueBamboo.de iPhone Apps (Falko Buttler)
Original game idea: Olaf Konrad and Florian Link
Release date: Any time, the app is in review right now
Price: $0.99
Target device: iPhone/iPod Touch - an iPad optimized version will follow
Website: http://www.evolutionrgb.com / http://www.bluebamboo.de
Unique features: Mix of physics and magic sand game, Endless mode, Dropbox Storage/Sync

What do you think about this app? What features do you think would make it the killer app?
06-17-2011, 07:52 PM
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I am looking for a few people (about 10), who would like to test the app and give me feedback before it lands in the store.

Simply send me your device's UUID and email address and I'll send you a beta version.
06-24-2011, 11:02 AM
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App Released today!

I am proud to announce that EvolutionRGB is now available in the App Store!

Check it out: