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Ghost Harvest - EA's 8pm Gorrilla returns

06-16-2011, 08:36 AM
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Ghost Harvest - EA's 8pm Gorrilla returns

Makers of Zombies and Me have returned to give Ghost Harvest.

The studio's second game - following*Zombies & Me - throws you into the role of a cemetery caretaker, and tasks you with helping the recently deceased to find a better afterlife.

You'll find yourself digging graves, planting headstones, and harvesting the souls of reckless pilots and space miners, which reward you with cash and experience upon reaching the pearly gates.

If you're not one for complete doom and gloom, you can spruce up your graveyard with a selection of trees, mansions, scarecrows, and other artefacts.

You'll even have to defend you cemetery against prying eyes, such as reporters and photographers.

Ghost Harvest's premium currency is candy, which can be spent to speed up all of your tasks. It's available through in-app purchase starting at 59p/99c, or by watching selected game trailers from EA.

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