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Collision Effect developer looking for a talented artist

06-20-2011, 09:37 AM
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Collision Effect developer looking for a talented artist

Hi everyone!

Vishindo is a game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden and we are now working on our next iPhone and iPad game. We’ve worked as professional developers before going indie and are credited on titles such as Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield Heroes to name a few. Before we started our own company our latest employer was the Electronic Arts DICE studio.

Our latest game Collision Effect has been the top #5 paid puzzle game in 47 countries and top #25 paid game in 42 countries on iPad with an average user rating of 4.72 / 5 stars on the US App Store. Kotaku.com was quoted writing “Possible iPhone Game of the Year” . Collision Effect Lite can be downloaded for free if you want to check it out.

We are looking for a partner to take creative responsibility for all art in our new game including in-game art, animations, promo materials, web art, logos, you name it. We will handle everything else, namely programming, game design, sound, music, testing and marketing of the game.

This requires a commitment of working with us for the next six months or so, not full-time though. The perfect candidate is someone who can balance our work with other freelance work.

The amount of work will end up somewhere between the likes of Tiny Wings and Cut the Rope, that’s the bar for both quantity and quality. Highly polished but simple graphics that appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Important to note though, we are not interested in cookie cutter graphics, there has to be a unique style and edge to it. You should think “it’s THAT game!” when you see any screenshot, logo or web page for the game.

We are open to multiple financial arrangements including pay per hour, per milestone, royalty share, bonus deals or a mix of these. For example you may want to combine an hourly salary with royalty share.

We’ll disclose more information about the game to suitable candidates but in short, it’s in the same sort of gameplay universe as Tiny Wings or Mega Jump but with a very different movement mechanic, so not your typical endless game.

Should you be interested, please reply with contact info, links to your gallery and relevant industry experience.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Henrik Johansson
Founder & Owner
06-20-2011, 04:16 PM
Hi Henrik, I am looking for projects such as the one you describe, I can work in a variety of styles and media so I would be able to help out with the art from game assets, to web promos.
You can see some samples of my illustration (including some game art) at:

For a general view at my design offerigs you can visit:
http://www.bendrcorp.com/317/ (At the moment, unfortunately in spanish)

For some more illustration work, my threadless submissions:

While my style is a bit different from Tiny Wings or Mega Jump, I think they have similarities.

Let me know if you are interested either by PM in here or at isaac AT bendrcorp DOT com


Isaac M.