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App description: From the creators of Lil' Pirates comes Sunshine Cruise Lines!

Welcome aboard your very own cruise ship! Build, customize and manage your one-of-a-kind dream cruise. Play with friends, earn rewards and have the most fun in the sun.

* Customize your own cruise ship with over 40 different facilities, unique crew members, color schemes, and more
* Choose your play style! Challenge yourself with fun, fast-paced en-route gameplay or take it easy and let the crew handle it for you
* See the world! 65 different ports around the globe (and more to come)
* Take on the role of Captain while getting to know your lovable and quirky crew
* Rich storyline infused with personality and humor
* Play with friends through Facebook (optional)
* Gamecenter achievements give you and friends plenty of rewards
* 130 beautiful postcards to collect and share with friends
* Hundreds of fun destination facts
* View friends routes on your world map
* One-of-a-kind art style, signature IUGO polish and quality
* In-app purchases optional with Cruise Bucks
* Rate Cruise 5 stars! With our success comes loads of new content and updates

Go grab our very first social game too! Lil Pirates for iOS, published by Capcom.

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ImNoSuperMan's comments:

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06-23-2011, 03:00 AM
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Official promo video

You have beat us to it again, ImNoSuperman, but thanks for starting the thread!

Here is the official promo video:

Youtube link | Pop Up

We hope everyone likes the game and we can't wait to hear the feedback!

06-23-2011, 03:06 AM
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If this game has any thunder to it, it's officially stolen by Tiny Tower. Not a great time to release a game like this IMO, but will give it a try since later today or tomorrow.

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06-23-2011, 04:20 AM
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Originally Posted by IUGOME View Post
We hope everyone likes the game and we can't wait to hear the feedback!

If there was anyone then they will be playing Tiny Towers instead . Feedback? Play Tiny Towers

A load of freemiums are released this week and I won't be surprised if the freemium market either:
1. Crashes due to player discontent over abundant of IAP games to play and pay for
2. Play NimbleBit freemiums that are much more player friendly, gameplay and economy wise.

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06-23-2011, 04:33 AM
Originally Posted by KiddToKmart View Post
If this game has any thunder to it, it's officially stolen by Tiny Tower. Not a great time to release a game like this IMO, but will give it a try since later today or tomorrow.
Quite agree with you. I find it much like Tiny Tower by the first sight. It's welcomed by so many players. It indeed improper to release a game like this. Anyway, I'll check it myself.
06-23-2011, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by gunxsword View Post
If there was anyone then they will be playing Tiny Towers instead . Feedback? Play Tiny Towers
Ugh. Not only is that inappropriate, it's also incredibly rude. A game's thread is for discussion of that game, not for telling the developer that they shouldn't have released their game, and that everybody else is/will be playing another one instead. If you have played the game and have feedback about it, by all means present it, but the responses in the thread thus far have been really rather dick-ish and lacking in basic courtesy. :P

As for the game, having played both TT and SCL, I can say that while it may have a number of similarities, SCL plays differently enough, and has a theme that may appeal to those not interested in building a tower block.

While it does have similar time sinks in terms of cruise times (e.g. Hong Kong to Tokyo takes two minutes in real time if set as a Quick Cruise, 15 if set to Scenic, while Tokyo to Vancouver takes 30 minutes as a Quick Cruise), you can either take an active part in managing the events onboard, or just let the app run in the background (like Tower Bux for speeding up construction in TT, you can use Cruise Bucks you earn to buy instant travel for a particular cruise).

SCL provides daily objectives and story-based goals that take you around the world; you can choose where to travel and what type of cruise it will be, which will affect the amount of reputation and money you earn. Between cruises you can upgrade your ship, adding rooms and facilities that the guests will use, including different types of cabins, eateries, and recreational activities. The rooms on based on a grid, where most entry-level facilities might be 1x1 big, while a large restaurant might be 4 rooms wide by 1 high, and a climbing wall might be 1 room wide by 4 high.

As you level up through fame you can also buy bigger ships and more crew for them, as well as unlock new ports, but doing so requires money (using either coins or Cruise Bucks), which means more cruises.

Taking care of business onboard mostly involves tapping on money, reputation or "Fix-its" (which remedy a issue immediately) to collect it after somebody has used a service, or on issues (leaks, fights, infestations, wedding proposals etc.) to send somebody to attend to them. Things go wrong constantly, so if you don't have the right staff, enough of them, have no Fix-its, or get to a problem too late, facilities will be closed off temporarily and not earn you money.

Overall, both games are worth checking out; you can pretty much set both up to run themselves. TT is more of a finely-tuned virtual pet that you check in on for a few minutes every hour or so, with no real micromanagement necessary, while SCL gives you more customisation options (you can choose facility type and placement rather than be given a random shop of a certain type as in TT), and lets you play it as a time management type of game to earn money and reputation if you want to sit through a cruise rather than just let it run while you're playing something else.

While I like TT (currently at 13 floors and growing), I do find it a bit dry, while SCL has much more in the way of personality, not only in terms of characters, but also in the way that a cruise ship is just generally more interesting than a tower block. Time will tell, however, which one - if either - I end up preferring. ^_^
06-23-2011, 06:52 AM
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Great review Appletini! And sorry for that post, I guess the amount of lol faces weren't enough to indicate *sarcasm

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06-25-2011, 06:18 AM
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Hi, I have some question concerning the different one block cabins and the staff in SCL.
Do I get anything more/faster if I buy a Japanese Style or a Comfortable Cabin instead of a Standard one? E.g. passengers, Fix-its, money...

And why are these Fix-its used, even if someone of the staff is close to an event. I wish we could get more control over the Fix-it's and the staff.
Sometimes the staff members have to run a long way to an event, ignoring a nearby one. That is somehow annoying ....

But anyway, it is a nice casual game
06-28-2011, 04:04 PM
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Hey guys, thanks for checking the game out, and thanks very much for the feedback!

To help with your Fix-It/Staff question - notice when you've used a staff, there's a little 'timer' that appears over their head when they're done attending to an event - while that timer is over a staff member, they're still resting after their last job. Fix-Its are great for times like this, as they let you take care of events yourself, until the Staff are ready to get back into it!

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