App description: ORIGINAL, CLASSIC-STYLED BOARD GAME WITH ONLINE PLAY Cargo Runners is a digital-only original board game for fans of lighter Euro-games that sets a new standard on the App Store. Ditch the cardboard and grab your Captain's hat as you set sail on the high seas. WE'VE LISTENED! WORKING ON AI FOR SOLO PLAY!!

148APPS.COM SAYS: "Ditch the cardboard and grab your Captain's hat. This one's a winner ... Cargo Runners is amazingly polished and is a wondrously enjoyable board game." Rated 4.5/5 stars, 'Editor's Choice'
SLIDE TO PLAY SAYS: "Cargo Runners is an incredibly well-designed, original board game that sets a new standard on the App Store." Rated 4/4, 'Must Have'
GAMEZEBO.COM SAYS: "Cargo Runners is a brilliantly fun and original board game for the iPad" Rated 4/5 stars
WIRED! (GEEKDAD) SAYS: "Id recommend Cargo Runners to anyone who is a fan of lighter Euro-games ... Excellent board game feel for a digital-only game, online multiplayer, good use of digital tech without overdoing it."

CARGO RUNNERS is a thirty minute 2-4 player traditional board game designed to be played with family & friends "International Commerce on the High Seas."


LOCAL PLAY: 'Around-the-table' local play to sit play with friends, spouse or kids at your kitchen table.
ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Use Game Center to find an "auto-match" with other Cargo Runners players BEST TIME TO MATCH? FIRST-FIVE MINUTES OF EVERY HOUR!
INVITE A FRIEND: Use Game Center's "Invite a Friend" feature to play a long-distance game. Whether in Sweden or New York, Online Multiplayer is fast, fun, and intuitive!
4TH WAY TO PLAY: Currently working on AI for solo play!


BEAUTIFUL GAME ART, SOUNDS, AND MUSIC: Illustrated world map graphics, original recorded soundtrack & sounds or choose to play your own music.
FAST PLAY: Games typically last 20-30 minutes, about 1/2 the time of an average printed board game.
REPLAY VALUE IS HIGH: The distribution of the Cargo Contracts is different every time you play, as well as the Communiqué cards, weather events, and other challenges.
2 TO 4 PLAYERS: Cargo runners is like a traditional board game. It's truly a social game experience share with up to four human players (not currently against a computer opponent).


Trouble Brothers second originally-designed game for iPad, Cargo Runners is played on a beautifully designed map of the world. The object of the game is to captain a ship that must journey around the globe racing to gather cargo as you compete for valuable contracts that earn you victory.

All the worlds a stage! Thirty cargo ports-of-call with six different types of goods: Aerospace, Apparel, Coffee, Energy, Fruit and Lumber. Six home ports, each with a couple of contracts that need to be delivered. A race to determine the captain of the sea!

Every game is different because the contracts always change. Dice rolls determine movement and you bank what you dont use. Every turn, there is a chance that bad weather or political crisis will impede your decision. Often, there will be Communiqué cards that will give you bonus opportunities. Always, you will have to watch what the other players are doing.

Cargo Runners has the classic feel of a mid-50s board game only its not! Its brand new, designed specifically to take advantage of all the benefits of the iPad. Cargo Runners can be played around the table just like you would a regular board game, or with Online Multiplayer through Game Center, you can sail the world over with real players from all across the globe. A light strategy game built to bring back the joys of classic board games with family and friends.

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06-29-2011, 03:18 PM
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So while I probably won't buy it until there is some AI, all the rest of you GET IT NOW so they can make the AI for me!

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06-29-2011, 06:07 PM
No A.I.? Crazy. That combined with the poor history of support these guys have acquired, there's no way I'm gonna buy this. Shame 'cos it does look really nice...


06-29-2011, 06:27 PM
no ai? no thanks.

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06-29-2011, 06:29 PM
I'm still waiting for Wizard hex online update guys...

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06-29-2011, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by ChromaTick View Post
Looks very nice. Does it support asynchronous play?
Thanks! However, not currently, but thanks to Apple's recent announcement we will be able to add asynchronous play with iOS 5.

– Jeff

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06-29-2011, 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by Drakeer Melkhor View Post
I'm still waiting for Wizard hex online update guys...
We will be submitting the update to Apple this Friday. Thanks for your patience.

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06-29-2011, 07:50 PM
So, async play on iOS5 and no AI (at this price range), okay:

1. Small World and Ticket to Ride are cheaper and more feature rich
2. Judging by your track record, I am holding this on my watch list till fall.

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06-29-2011, 08:28 PM
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No AI = no buy.

It's a shame because it looks interesting.

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06-29-2011, 09:08 PM
We love what *is* in Cargo Runners and also acknowledge what *isn't*

Originally Posted by sooz View Post
Yep - but those are all iOS games based on existing games with established visuals, rules, and strategies. I believe you cover the creative R&D that goes into the creation of a new game from scratch at that price point.

But don't get me wrong - I'm bummed about no AI too since I don't have a lot of board game friends and am often offline with my iPad. Then again, I've seen so many board games with poorly implemented AI - it seems safer to launch the game without it (since it's expensive to code AI up), see general response to the game overall, and then determine if the AI will be worth the investment.
I appreciate your thoughts, Sooz,

Regarding Cargo Runners launch:

Yes, we always have such a challenge about what to put our initial development dollars into. As small, independent developers we recognized that it is paramount that we create good, original board games with excellent graphics, sounds and music; a good sense of competition, replayability, and thematic content; a satisfying "around-the-table" play experience; and a great Online Multiplayer experience.

We have tried to hit all those points with Cargo Runners right from day one!

And yes, absolutely we too would *love* to have found a way to launch Cargo Runners with AI, but to do so would have been at the expense of one or more of the other critical priorities listed above. So Sooz, you are correct: As soon as we start seeing income from the game it will help us to add other great new features, included AI and/or solitaire play, as soon as we can.

Regarding comments about overdue Wizard Hex update:

First of all, we are sorry we have been around the dark side of the moon for a while and let our fans down...

Being a very small core ownership of Trouble Brothers and entirely self-funded (Jeff and Steve) it meant that we were developing both Cargo Runners and the Wizard Hex update on parallel tracks — plus Jeff's (my) involvement in the Fargoal, LLC team for Sword of Fargoal, Sword of Fargoal Legends, and Sword of Fargoal 2.

We honestly just got behind on the Wizard Hex update! This does not mean that we don't want to support Wizard Hex. In fact, now that we are done with the initial release of Cargo Runners we can concentrate on being more responsive in the forums for *all* of our games, providing feedback/answers to questions, and submitting any new updates promptly.

Also, we are the first to admit that we missed the boat on OMP for the first release of our first game, Wizard Hex. Thankfully we have just recently finished the Online Multiplayer update (with Voice Chat) and will be submitting it to Apple for review this Friday, right after the Cargo Runners launch. Ultimately, we're so proud of Wizard Hex as an original token-based game with surprisingly deep strategic play. We hear from fans that they enjoy playing the game with friends and family — but we are also very glad to be adding the ability to play with others who are looking for matches, which is addressed by the new version which has Online Multiplayer through Game Center.

We hope to earn your appreciation for what we are trying to do in creating fully-original board games and other socially-interactive games for the iPad and other devices. If you end up deciding to try Cargo Runners please let us know what you think when you play it with friends or family, or with a total stranger who also wants to play a game half way around the world!


Jeff McCord,
Trouble Brothers, LLC

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06-29-2011, 09:11 PM
With regard to the core game mechanics, what board game does this most closely resemble?

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