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App description: *** 1st price winner of the German "BW goes mobile" application contest! ***
Welcome to the battlefield, Bot Commander!
In this game of intense battle action, you are in control to lead your small army of Bots to victory. Select the right Bot, choose tactics and weapons wisely, do the right moves and attack cleverly. Only then you will survive against your enemies!

Launch your rocket pod, throw your missiles upon your enemies. When the smoke clears you see the mighty Crunsher Bot rushing towards you. The gravity hammer smashes directly into your Bot and damages your right arm severely. Your only hope for survival is to grab the next repair kit. Can you make it in time before the rail gun is finishing off your Bot?

B.O.T.S. is a turn-based strategy game set in a Sci-Fi universe. You can fight against the AI and challenge your friends with your high-score, or play directly with your friends in HotSeat mode on the same device. With every round that you win you gain knowledge points which will enable new features of the game. Unlock new maps, weapons and equipment for hours of gameplay. Get ready to rumble!

B.O.T.S. is offering 3 different game modes.

Battlefield Mode:
Fight yourself through 10 unique levels. Try to gain the best high-score in the world for each level. Adapt your tactic and Bot selection depending on the level. Choose wisely or otherwise you won't survive long.

Player vs Player:
Have fun with your friends and a fast round of B.O.T.S.. In this hot-seat mode you can directly play on one device to find out who is the best Bot Commander!

Custom Game:
Here you can configure all game options on your own. The amount of teams, the amount of Bots, the map, and more. Feel like a small creator, but be aware ... you could still lose!

To win each game you can choose between different Bots. The Bot is your controllable unit of destruction on the battlefield. Each Bot starts with a predefined movement gear, aiming computer, battery size, weapon set and Bot chassis. On the battlefield you can upgrade your Bots. The movement gear defines the amount of available movement points at the beginning of each round. The battery feeds your movement gear and your weapons, so choose carefully for what you want to spend it! You don't want to end up unarmed on the battle field! And finally, if your hit points are zero or below your Bot will get destroyed, let this never happen!

- 8 different, upgradeable Bots to offer you a flexible game style
- Over 20 weapon systems reaching from the Power Chainsaw to the Nuclear Rocket
- 13 unique maps for hours of gameplay
- Multitouch navigational map supporting pinch gestures for zooming
- Awesome graphics for a stunning in game experience
- Cinematic soundtrack with 4 different scores or listen to your own iPod music
- Ranking system with 10 different ranks, from "Private" to "Major"
- Full GameCenter integration with online leaderboards for the different ranks
07-01-2011, 05:53 AM
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a turn-based game is always welcome...for free is double welcome lol
thank you!

I love this world!
07-01-2011, 06:07 AM
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Downloading now..
Screenshots impressed me and I'm a turn-based strategy lover!

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07-01-2011, 10:45 AM
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Battle tech nostalgia
07-03-2011, 11:15 AM
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B.O.T.S. (turn-based strategy game)

I've played a few hours of this TBS and its actually got a lot of depth. TBS fans should definitely try it.

Protip = If you play offline, there are no ads.

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