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The long lost game from ancient China has been rediscovered! This multi award winning strategy board game is bigger and better than ever now featuring a captivating story mode and amazing online multiplayer gameplay!

Yo Deshi is the beautiful game of Mental Martial Arts that is perfect for flexing your brain. Quick games, or Hard battles, you decide with the configurable boards and many customisable features!

So you want to know how to play the amazing game of Yo Deshi well each player takes a turn choosing a Numbered Tile on the board from either their horizontal, or vertical options. The player with the most points wins. As with any ancient board game, the more you train the more you learn think ahead and force your opponents hand, get inside their head and defeat them with your cunning. Everyone can play Yo Deshi but it takes real skill to become a Master!

The game also has a cleverly designed News Feed - keep an eye on it for game info and strategy tips!

With Yo Deshi, Proper Games have produced yet another top class must have app, a wonderfully presented board game to keep everyone engaged for hours. Together, both the multiplayer feature and random Tile placement provide endless hours of game play, offering incredible value and long lasting re-playability.

Yo Deshi is an absolute MUST for your App Collection.

STORY MODE - ACT 1 with the first FIVE parts of the gripping story of Discovery!
UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS - Dare you take on the many built-in Yo Deshi challengers, each with different play styles and difficulty?
ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Through Game Center, Challenge others and prove your wisdom to become the real Yo Deshi Master!

ACT 2 of STORY MODE Find out what happens next on your journey!
Even more additional playable characters

Two Player Mode
Configurable Boards
Six AI Players to challenge
Unlimited Tile Combinations
Yo Deshi Training with Master Renshu
Customisable Handicap to adjust difficulty

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TwoThumbsFresh's comments:

Hey all,
Me and my team here at Proper Games have made Yo Deshi FREE today as a gift to celebrate the Fourth Of July.

Hopefully we can drive some downloads and get this great game out there, would be great to hear people's thoughts on it?

There's also a video on youtube:

And here's the full iTunes page here, not sure why it's still showing as $2.99 though?

07-08-2011, 01:03 PM
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The video would be better if it actually explained something about how to play the game.
07-08-2011, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by DaviddesJ View Post
The video would be better if it actually explained something about how to play the game.

According to the just out 'ios news bits' post @ BGG this game has been described as Knizia-esque.

I'll wait and see.

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07-08-2011, 01:46 PM
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Wish listed and waiting for impressions as the free never appeared in my store.