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BabyBubblez! Draw the wind, blow danger away! [Beta Test]

07-05-2011, 06:05 PM
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BabyBubblez! Draw the wind, blow danger away! [Beta Test]

Hello and welcome to the worldwide announcement of BabyBubblez! for Iphone!

“Draw the Windstream to guide the bubbles through the world and blow danger away!”

Your touch creates the Windstream, an ethereal, flowing breeze that guides the bubbles through the world while pushing around busy bubble-popping bees and nasty, prickly, spiky obstacles.

One-touch control is easy to learn but challenging to master.

Designed and crafted for touch, BabyBubblez! provides measured gameplay pacing while layering elements throughout levels to add complex, more demanding setups as play progresses. Levels are hand built – enemies do not redundantly multiply. Drawing from our expertise building console and PC games over the past 15+ years, levels are built using tried and true game design principles.

BabyBubblez! is intended for all audiences. It's easy enough to pick up and play for casual game players, yet players’ skills develop through achievements and difficulty ramping so even casual gamers can build hardcore BabyBubblez! skills before finishing. With no timers, deaths, or forced restart, the game strategically manages proper tension levels to keep players stimulated, engaged and having fun.


Cheery and exhilarating, the game ventures through a world of vibrant, flowery meadowlands.

The art style, inspired by children's books and cartoon animation such as Winnie the Pooh™, Spirited Away™ and Looney Tunes™, creates an enchanting aesthetic experience that beautifully complements the gameplay. The soundtrack and amusing sound effects harmoniously accompany and steer the gameplay’s course.

Our Characters

The Baby - Giggly and gleeful – unless, of course, the bubble POPS!
BuzzBee - Jittery and fast, he’s on a pollination mission! But you can push him away with the Windstream.
BigBee - He’s hefty, slow, and hungry - you can’t push him around! Don’t get between him and his lunch!

Additional and Upcoming Features
Per level achievements with Game Center support. Become a Bubble Master and join the elite few!
New, fully animated Babies and costumes.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Beta Test

If you are interested and have experience with the care and handling of ADHOC builds please drop an email to BBtest@goodyplay.com with:
  • your credentials (have you done testing before, if so on what?)
For performance reasons I am limiting the test to ipod generation 2 and above. Sorry, but that means no Iphone 1st gen or Iphone3G.
I'll be sharing the build via DropBox once everyone ready.

Sign up! I need actionable suggestions as well as bugs and honesty is preferred. My hope is to polish the heck out of it, build some buzz and make it something that cannot be ignored, even in the Vegas Style Buffet that is the app store.


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07-06-2011, 01:45 AM
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No nibbles? How bout I throw in a little eyecandy ....?

Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenWText1_PrePush.png
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Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenWText2_Push.png
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Name:  BigBeeHappy.png
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A friendly Enemy, BiggBee!

Name:  BabyBody4_Big.png
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07-21-2011, 02:28 AM
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Don't fear the baby! Don't let your manliness tremble over a game without guns, bombs, birds, or boobs!

"Oh no!" the insecure cry. "It's not 8bit, it's pretty! Actual non-repetitive level design! A new mechanic that feels great and isn't a diaper-filled-with-poo virtual dual stick abomination. It's calming and fun at the same time! It's so nice I can show it to my Grandma! I can't stand the originality! Someone please make me another tower defense/running/slash/angrybird/jumping game or gun simulator! Or something with farts, cause farts make me laugh in a manly way."

Howzaboutit? Fired up? Great! Give it a shot, I think you'll like it. Try the lite version and then tell me I'm wrong. Available very soon.