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  • Publisher: Colorbox
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 15.4 MB
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Price: $1.99
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: Your truck carries aid, guide them to a safe place as billion poor peoples are waiting for food!

Trucks VS Tanks features:

- Incredibly easy to learn! You just need to touch and drag the truck to their safe place, avoid those deadly tanks.

- Crazy addictive - It takes no time to get in, but impossible to stop!

- Features 2 types of trucks and 3 types of tanks to challenge your skill.

- 5 missions that can be unlocked later in game. Each has its own unuque characteristics and challenges!

- Airm for a new personal higher score or compete against other gamers in online leaderboards via Game Center and Open Feint.

- Multiply your score by completing in-game objectives, keep you come back with Trucks vs Tanks time to time.

LordGek's comments:
If a thread for this already exist, excuse me, but I couldn't find it.

This is a very cute and straight forward line drawer from Colorbox with the following simple premise, guide the trucks to their loading bays while avoiding contact with the many nasty tanks out there. The tanks all seem to have highlighted halos around themselves to indicate their weapons' ranges, so try to stay out of their circles of death (fortunately, at least with the initial tanks' machine guns, they won't kill you instantly and you might be able to get back out of their reach before you lose a life).

Also worth noting, the normal sized truck can use any ramp but the BIG TRUCK can only use the map's extra wide ramp(s).

The game, just like Tiny Wings, will give you a number of missions that, if successfully completed, will multiply the base points of all future runs and thus lead to bigger scores (as well as access to other maps).

There is also an iPhone version available (so, no, not universal). I'm not sure if the two are identical except for rescaled graphics or if the iPad folk get slightly bigger maps.


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Why couldn't you post about this game while it was still on sale?

Wishlisted for now!

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Originally Posted by CzarCastic View Post
Why couldn't you post about this game while it was still on sale?

Wishlisted for now!
I just learned about it today, to be honest.

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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
I just learned about it today, to be honest.
Thanks LordGek for creating the thread! :P

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