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iPad: Idyllic - Bringing depth to pick up & play

07-07-2011, 07:47 AM
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Idyllic - Bringing depth to pick up & play


I am FatCow from FatCow Games, you might have noticed me moooing around twitter as @fatcowgames looking like this:

No? Nevermind then, that isn't what I am here for. Pay attention now, I have an announcement to make about our upcoming game called Idyllic. Let me show you the character showing off, he is trying to steal my spotlight and I don't like it, mooo!

Look at him showing off, being awesome and unique right? I wish they made a game about me too! Maybe one day?

Sorry, I am getting off track because of jealousy. Let me tell you about the basic gameplay of this game.

When you take control of this awesome character, you will be jumping from island to island and literally healing them from evil to good. What happens? The graphic changes as you play the game, so does the music. As you play you collect coins, upgrade powers, defeat monsters and try to stay ahead of the darkness so it doesn't consume your soul and much more. You don't believe me? Have a read about what others say.

According to the preview over at iFanzine the game is simply awesome. There is another preview that praises the game but I can't put it in here for some reason. So you can find the other preview and interviews here.

Here are some screenshots of the game so far:

Talking about this game makes me feel left out, I am going to throw in some quotes to put my mind on ease.

"Our time with Idyllic so far has definitively answered the question of whether this game is a fit for iOS — and that answer is “Heck yeah, baby!” - iFanzine

"Idyllic differentiates itself by mixing in a strong resource management mechanic." - iFanzine

"It's a very fun game and very fast paced when fully upgraded on everything." - Ade

"The game though also has some very cool features in that as you progress during the game the environments change as well." - Ade

"Another great feature is the music which is outstanding btw.This changes as you play as well and heal the world and is a nice cool feature." - Ade

"I have played up to almost one million points tonight and every time I have restarted the game it has been a new and fun experience!" - Glen

How about taking a look at how much fun you can have, when you power up your character? This video is old, so there has been plenty of changes since then.

So against my own will, what is fat ass kicking about this game?

1. Beatiful graphic that changes as you progress
2. Awesome music that changes as you progress
3. Unique gameplay that changes as you progress
4. A strong resource management mechanic to give depth
5. Casual and Hardcore gameplay, play slow or master fast gameplay
6. ...... I am a fatcow so I am lazy, go read the previews to learn more.

Or if you still don't think this game is fat ass kicking, you probably should help me find the weak spots and what makes the game crappy. Really, all you have to do is apply for late beta over here. I have been trying to break this game for ages, but all the testers are only talking positive about the game and the team are fixing everything so quickly that I really need your help now.

Oh, before I forget the team was influenced by my lazyness so they haven't really made up a good story yet, so if you want some fame, prizes, promo code and have your story in the game and website you should have a read at this competition over here. You literally get to decide the game story before official release, how mental is this team anyway? They didn't even ask me for permission about giving away a FatCow Cup/Mug, last I checked I AM FATCOW!! Not they!

Now, I want some loving too so come like me over at facebook yeah?

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Any mooing questions? Please feel free to ask while I take a fat ass nap.

FatCow OUT!
07-09-2011, 04:55 AM
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This is my favorite game... Really....You all owe it to yourselves to give this one a go...you will not be disappointed. The devs are approachable and the game speaks for itself...I can't wait to see how it evolves...

I like to test iOS games..@Doomfan on twitter..say hi to me