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Deadlock Weapons / Attachments / Maps Suggestions thread

07-22-2011, 08:03 AM
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Deadlock Weapons / Attachments / Maps Suggestions thread

Hey guys,
After this bugfix update comes out we're looking to get some more
stuff in the game. We've got two new maps coming that we'll reveal pretty soon. So how about some more ideas for weapons, attachments, etc?
Let us know!
07-22-2011, 08:32 AM
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Hey there, Josh. How about...

- Flak grenades with splash damage, anything hit by them eventually bleeds to death (lets say, within 15 seconds of being hit by one)

- Choice to spawn with either a Bandolier or Medkit. Medkits - you spawn with one every time, and can use it either on yourself or a teammate. A bandolier provides you with double the normal ammo for your weapons.

- Dual wielding pistols or smgs

- As has probably been suggested many times before, a button for dodging or rolling in combat... BUT with a sort of fatigue system built in to prevent people from spamming the move. Once every 5 seconds should be ideal.

- Interactive and meaningful environments - tables, chairs, crates, etc move or break as you shoot, run into or dive into them.

- Capture the Flag gameplay mode is a must!! Would be so much fun.

- Ability to invite friends in-game

- Ability to create passworded servers

- Ability to gauge connectivity/ping/stability of a server via the browser instead of entering a laggy one, quitting because it's unplayable, and incurring a loss

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07-22-2011, 01:33 PM
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unlockable perks, only unlocked by ranking up no purchase points. That way people have an incentive to play more

for weapons, how about a rocket launcher?
and maybe a melee weapon (different knives: ballistic, normal, machete etc.)
07-22-2011, 01:47 PM
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Everything Kidd said.
and a melee attack.
07-22-2011, 01:55 PM
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Skill-based leaderboards (k/d ratio and w/l ratio)

Private matches (invite only)

Friend's list (shows who's on once you've added people)

The armory is just fine at the moment in my opinion.

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07-22-2011, 04:16 PM
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Pretty much everything said above.

Primary Weapons:
- Flamethrower.
- Grenade Launcher.

Secondary Weapons:
- Crossbow(secondary weapon, High damage+Bleeding, Low rate of fire).
- Combat Knife(secondary weapon, causes bleeding, low overall damage, fast attack speed).
- Brass Knuckles(secondary weapon, causes stun).
- Night stick, Baton(secondary weapon, causes stun).

- Proximity Mines.
- Timed Mines.
- Trap mine(either immobilizes enemy for a couple seconds or slows speed for a small duration when stepped on.).
- Shrapnel Grenade(causes bleeding).
- Poison Gas Grenades(Emits a cloud that slows and/or slowly depletes HP).

- Bayonet attachment.
- Grenade shooter attachment.

- Combat boots(Better Mobility).

All I can think of off the top of my head. I do like the sound of a dodge/roll button as said too.

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07-22-2011, 06:06 PM
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Ok, so its a long list, hope these are any good, ofc some of these have been mentioned already, but here's what I'd love to see added... (And yes, I play Call of Duty, no surprises where I got some of my ideas from)

Stock/grip - improved accuracy

Extended magazines - larger magazine capacity, slightly slower movement

Torch - highlights enemy location on everyone else's screen

Dual mags or tapered magazine wells - faster reloads

Decoy grenade - shows the red radar arrow up where thrown, aids ambush strategy.

Claymores/pressure mines - always a giggle on CoD, could make the frantic running about a little more thought provoking/tense. Can be shot.

Remote mine - first click of grenade button drops bomb, second click detonates it. Can be shot.

Stun grenade - reverses player controls for 3 seconds

Molotov - covers small area with flames that do damage per second to anyone standing in affected area, coverage lasts 5 seconds

Medpack - heal everyone in small radius including self

Boobytrap - drop a fake weapon, kills or injures whoever tries to pick it up

Ammo crate - drop an ammo crate that resupplies ammo to any three players, disappears after third use or if another is deployed on the field

Flamethrower - that'd be awesome ^_^

Sniper rifle - with +++ sight increase, slow reload

Mini gun - powerful, but cripplingly slow movement, longer spawn times

Magnum 44 or 38 special - always nice to have a revolver in the mix

Tranquilliser pistol - drugs the victim, slowing them down, making them more vulnerable, max 2 or 3 rounds

Combat knife - option to have knife instead of pistol as secondary weapon.

Sawn off - double barrelled shotgun, slow reload

Riot shield - good for providing cover for team mates, reduces damage to 1/4

Shuriken - a set of throwing stars

Technical visor - displays enemy health bars and/or ammo count and weapon name

Skull mask - army of two style, but purely for looks

IR goggles - highlights enemy equipment (claymores, bombs, booby traps, decoys) and points to nearest dropped weapon

Fireproof suit - invulnerable to molotovs and flamethrowers but even weaker protection against bullets than the 'NONE' option

Camouflage - shows blue circle instead of red around player for one second once in enemy view then changes to red

Lightweight athletic gear - faster movement, reduced field of vision, weaker protection than 'NONE' option.

Crouch/roll button - click when stationary to toggle crouch, click when moving to roll (with cool down)

Weapon pick-up button - an option to move it to the right side and perhaps make the max distance you can be from a weapon to pick it up a bit more generous.

Customisable button placement - and perhaps an option to increase the size of reload, pick up and grenade buttons

Sound options - ability to mute or alter volume of both music and sfx

Responsive menus - ...please ^_~  and the custom game setting has a weird glitch that hides all available games from view even after refreshing list, might just be me but if it's a widespread problem that'd be good to fix

Persistent appearance - allow us to customise our characters appearance and retain it with each life (spend unlock points on outfits perhaps)

Weapon mastery - have a milestone number of kills to achieve with each weapon which unlocks either a skin/camo version of the weapon or a slightly more powerful version and of course an unlock point or two. Maybe also add favourite weapon to stats page.

Profile view - enable players to view other players profiles/stats, if it's possible a link to request friend on gamecenter and also join friends in session.

Contracts - earn an unlock point by completing tasks (just like Black Ops) so for example : get 15 kills with secondary weapon, 40 kills with a specified weapon, get a multiple grenade kill etc... The catch is you can only select one or two contracts a day and have limited time to achieve it.

Unlockable Team killstreaks - buy each of these with unlock points and set as your solitary killstreak, getting 5 kills in a row gives the player or the team either:
- a spy plane style reward where all enemy players locations are constantly visible for 20 seconds
- a one off 20% health buff to all team mates lost once dead or injured below normal max health
- a 30 second period where all team mates earn double xp for any actions
- a speed boost for all team mates for 15 seconds
- weapon supply: this gives all team players a random strong weapon to use, click select weapon to cancel and return to original loadout
- a radar jammer that hides team mates locations for 10 seconds
- each player earns an Über grenade with 2x damage and radius of normal, does not count towards killstreak.
- bullet time, slows the enemies down by 25% for 10 seconds

- capture the flag
- headquarters (just like black ops, it would really suit this game, for those who don't know, a flag/base randomly appears on the map and both teams fight to get control of it, once it's claimed that team gets points for every five seconds that it hasn't been destroyed by opponent team)
- budget warfare (secondary weapons only, and no armour or grenades)
- 9 lives (each player has, yep, 9 lives and the winner is last person standing)
- bomber (a randomly chosen player gets selected and has a timed bomb on them the only way to get rid of it is to kill another player, they then get the bomb, who ever is carrying the bomb when it goes off loses all their points and the player with the highest score then becomes the bomb, this cycle continues a few times.
- random round (everyone is supplied with the exact same load out comprised of a random primary and secondary weapon and grenade, but at a default speed regardless of weapon mobility, no choice to visit load out and change weapon... )
- hoarder (the level is littered with coins, players try to collect as many as possible, dropping a few each time they die, more are added to level during match, coins are converted to xp at the end)

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07-22-2011, 10:50 PM
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yea things i am really looking for are a way to invite people to matches, and some ways to customize our characters.
07-22-2011, 11:01 PM
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I'd love to see a FLAMETHROWER in the game as well as a BOMB LAUNCHER ( like Demoman from Team Fortress 2).

I also agree with a melee weapon, like a sword or something.
07-26-2011, 06:52 PM
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Melee attack
Roit shield
Capture the flag
King of da hill
Nice maps fit for king of the hill
Duel weapons
Gernade launcher
Campaign and make it co-op
Enable to invite friends from game center
A button to duck and dodge
More achievements

Btw add me on gamecenter fonna37

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