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iPhone: Resident Evil: Degeneration (sale: $2.99)

05-11-2009, 07:41 PM
Resident Evil: Degeneration (sale: $2.99)

Link (click image below) $6.99

Resident Evil: Degeneration is now available on iPhone/iPodtouch.

Based on the recently released CG-animated movie of the same name, Resident Evil: Degeneration uses a true 3D engine to immerse players into this 3rd-person survival horror shooter.

Explore Harvardville Airport, rescue survivors, unlock puzzles and battle an army of undead.
Use your in-game PDA to collect intel, manage inventory and access maps.
“Laser targeting” allows the players to make aimed accurate shots.
Backgrounds, character models and objects are all rendered in full 3D.
Intuitive context sensitive control scheme.
   -Action icons pop up as needed.
Accelerometer features:
   -Shake iPhone/iPod Touch to “Shake of Zombie” melee attacks.
   -Tilt back device to reload.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Here is the corresponding article, in Japanese.


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05-11-2009, 07:42 PM
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yes!!!!!! Although I have some small suspicions that this might be released only in Japan because of the title, but probably not. And I REALLY hope this isn't some elaborate hoax lol (although I doubt it because of the itunes link in the japanese link)
here is the link: http://click.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩.com/fs-bin/...rtnerId%253D30

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05-11-2009, 07:45 PM
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Are you sure it's been released and it's not just someone demoing it?

I'm definitely optimistic...

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05-11-2009, 07:45 PM
Whoa!! Looks impressive, any info on when it arrives in the US?
05-11-2009, 07:46 PM
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"Biohazard" can't be released in the US because someone else holds the trade mark. That's why they changed the name when they brought it to the US

Hopefully they worked on both in unison so the time for a translation will be cut down. Although, many big games in japan have english language modes *crosses his fingers*
05-11-2009, 07:47 PM
In the article there is a link to the iTunes store, which says its not available in this country, USA for me, but I am pretty sure its been released or is pending release.


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05-11-2009, 07:48 PM

Sweet!!!LOVE the movie will be buying this ASAP when it hits US
05-11-2009, 07:50 PM
Looks difficult to aim and shoot... could be irritating and annoying after awhile.

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05-11-2009, 07:52 PM
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Google translation of the webpage
"IPhone games from Capcom's (Let's do it!), Has been released DIJENERESHON Biohazard."
05-11-2009, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Giggity View Post
Looks difficult to aim and shoot... could be irritating and annoying after awhile.
I agree

but even in a normal RE game (aside from the re4 wiimake) I wouldn't attempt shooting three zombies at such a close distance.

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