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Affordable Game Development

02-29-2012, 09:31 PM
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Affordable Game Development

Hello all-

I'm offering to develop your iPhone games for a good price. We are a new team, so we need to start building a portfolio of games. We are planning on releasing a website soon, a long with a couple different games to the App Store.
We use the GameSalad Engine to program games and will create all the code and graphics for you. We usually price games between $50-$1000 including all graphics, sounds, music, and code.

We are open to a revenue sharing deal, as long as the games are for the most part basic. For the revenue sharing deal, you need to provide any advanced graphics needed or cover the cost of getting those graphics.
Let me know if you are interested.

Note - We are working our way to iPad games as well. If you have an iPad Game idea let us know.
03-01-2012, 06:27 AM
Hi, I developed the following flash game:

Necronomicon - Book of Dead Names

I would be interested in having it released on the iPad (it would have to the iPad, not iphone due to screen size (cards being legible etc.)

The mechanics are fairly simple, and there is some minor changes I would apply if redeveloping it, but as you can see, all the graphical work is done as is the complete game design.

I would also rewrite the music myself completely, as I'm a composer.

Music Channel

If you're interested, and believe it within your abilities to convert, let me know.
03-04-2012, 10:45 PM
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Game idea

Hello, I have an idea for a game that should be easy to make graphically.

The Concept revolves around strategy in real time/or turn based with different colored squares.(or other object)

It's bassicly a very simplified version of a real tbs game minus the graphics but more approachable to the general public. It should have it's own flare to it like most retro redux type games... But be complex on the inside

Some basic rules and concepts -

I'm going to use these animal faces to represent what I me

The units will be represented as follows


Ok the basic idea is each character is stronger than the other and in turn weaker

So  >>>>>>

The game should be played out on a grid like a chessboard for example

The Idea will be to have these "squares" (or whatever they end up being) movable by touch.

The game will be played with 2 players or 1 person against a computer . The number of characters or colors( which I don't have set) will be placed before the game without the other player seeing

The strategy will focus on blocking ur opponent from attacking while making room for u to attack as well.

Only 1 character or color will be able to attack the one weak to it( like elements that are weak to eachother

When an attack is made it will be absorbed into the attacker. Once this takes place the new character can now absorb not only 1 character or color weaker to it but two down the liNE and so on.(however in the case where there is only one type of each the player wouldn't have anymore anyway) in this case would mean if the bear absorbed or ate the frog it would then be able to eat the other players chicken.If it then ate the chicken it could eat the
players pig and or rabbit. Reasoning behind It is every absorion gives a plus 1 down the line so if it ate two it would be able two eat two down the line of whats left. After the first it can still only absorb the next one but at 3 it could absorb everything else the next 3 animals in line( that's not the actual total but is for that example). But at any time the dolphin could eat the bear getting his points.

I'm not sure how many different characters in total to have for each player but I assume it would be big enough to employ enough strategic elements etc...

Ok this is a demo setup with one attacker and one prey



The Cs represent other characters while the A and P are the attacker and prey this would be after the setup faze.The board itself would actually be bigger to allow for more movement

So the A will be able to absorb the P but only the P while keeping in mind something else absorbs it. All characters would start out the same strength getting stronger by absorbing more charters thus giving it more options to attack but still being vulnerable to it's weakness.

Now for the hard part, figuring out the pace this should be played. Should it be turn based or real time. I think real-time would be maybe to hectic. I think maybe each player makes a certain amount of moves by shifting around blocks based on what they see and then letting it play out. Another option would be have it turn-based.

For now I don't have any limits on movement or special abilities or anything like that. This is just the basic concept. I'm not even sure if it can work and if not what adjustments could be made to make it work.

I have another idea about different shapes being able two move in that number of directions or spaces. For ex triangle can move in 3 ways or three spaces, square can move 4.

(never mind this it was just a doodle)

The concept of the game is actually alot more complex than I realized. However when playing it will be simply moving squares. Sort of like two puzzles fighting eachother or something

I guess the game ends when a player loses all his characters or squares. I'm not sure if it means something ultimately having to absorb it's weakness from the other way around and then itself. Which brings up another point what happens win the same two charters come in contact( either they can't or it goes to the one with the higher number

Well, that's it for now.... I'm not sure If there is enuogh strategy or not enough. I'm tryin to visualiE it but I'm having trouble.

The whole idea is to have a fun game that is easy to make, the concept isn't as important to me then actually getting it to work and whiter it means coming up with a whole new system or tweaking this one it's ok

That's about it I hope you like my idea and want to work on it with me. I know it sounds like a bunch of gibberish now but I want to make this game possible and will keep working at it.


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03-05-2012, 06:24 PM
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For the second user the posted - This would take a lot of time to create. Are proposing a partner project, or a paid project? You can PM me the answer.

As for the first person the posted,

If the entire layout of the game was completed with graphics and music, than it might be possible. PM me how much your willing to pay for this app.