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Favorite Hunters 2 Squads

03-23-2012, 03:33 PM
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Favorite Hunters 2 Squads

Would love to get some discussion going on peoples favorite squad builds. I'm trying to max out at least one hunter for each class, currently doing a little trial and error to see which weapon works best with each class -

My current squad consists of a Stalker, he's my advance unit with light armor and maxed out scouting skills I can move him around pretty quickly, he's also my sniper since he has so many action points but I'm thinking a Charger might make a better sniper since they have a mix of the scouting skills and the combat skills.

Next I have a Devastator and a Sentinal, they are my brute squad. Both armed with shotguns they can take out close range foes fairly easily. The Sentinal has excellent guarding capabilities while the Devastator can dish out a lot of damage and cripple the enemy.

I have a scout armed with a flamethrower and light armor, this lets me throw him out into the middle of the fray, put him on guard and watch as he roasts anything that comes his way. The flamethrower has decent range, only takes 1 AP and never misses. This makes some of the Support skills redundant (Sentry) but Stand Firm and Free Fire more then make up for it.

Finally I have a Ranger, armed with a Rocket Launcher. This probably isn't the best class to have as a long range hunter because I ended up not using any of the Vengeance skills, just maxed out the Scouting and bumped up critical hit and Damage.
03-10-2013, 06:43 PM
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Best Character but might stop you from playing ever again

So i have maxed aout three characters and the lat one i just maxed out is thee best in the game and ima tell you why.

He is whats called a Zealot. Survival/Vengeance - anyway, i call him "THE IMMORTAL" cuz he pretty much cant die. For survival put Last Stand as a skill, then Retribution,revenge(these two arent important but you have to have them to progress, anyway) and then Sadistic.you can use the other for what ever you want except Counter Attack.
Heres whats gonna happen. You go into battle whith whatever weap you want(just make sure its one that alows you to hit him atleast once or your screwed. Go into battle all wild and whatevrer u want to do. Dont worry if you die cuz last stand kicks in. Then attack that round an retribution kicks in and you get healed. End your turn, next round comes. Lest say you get hit and last dtand kicks in again. OH NOOO! JK! you have retribution so all you have to do is hit an enemy atleast once and your healed whith retribution. BOOM YOUR IMMORTAL! Rense and repeat
03-11-2013, 01:02 AM
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That actually sounds cool. I may have to reinstall Hunters 2...
03-11-2013, 06:24 PM
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I have to warn you. Their weakness(unfortunatly they have one) is bombers(aliens) and counterattackers.
With the aliens since they blow themselves up. You have no one to hurt to heal from unless you find someone which isnt to hard.

Counterattackers hit you right after you heal engaging the last stand and if you dont heal again and the turn ends so so does you hunter. He wont always get you but it takes for a while to down that enemy with the immortal alone.