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App description: "There's always a bigger fish or in Guzu's case, dragon..." - Pocket Gamer.

Guzu the Dragon is hungry! Help him fly around his colorful forest home, catching all the food he can eat while avoiding nasty predators buzzing nearby! Pick up power-ups to get the upper hand on baddies, keep Guzu from starving, and survive as long as you can today!

Guzu is as addicting as it is straightforward to play. Gaming as the cute but ever-hungry dragon Guzu your challenge is simple: Catch and eat enough flying pray to keep your belly full, elude the many predators buzzing around with a keen eye on making YOU their next meal! Instead of a health bar, players are presented with a Hunger Meter for Guzu.

The second the action starts Guzus Hunger Meter starts dwindling - and its up to you to recharge it and keep Guzu from starving by eating as many flying creatures as you can, as quickly as you can!

Guzu is survival arcade action at its finest. Youve got infinite gameplay at your fingertips, and the longer you last the fatter your score gets!

To keep things fresh Guzu includes a wide array of power-ups, and bonuses for players to take advantage of. Keep your eyes out for Shields, Force Fields that let you take the offensive against other predators, an awesome Jaws power-up that rushes you to the top of the food chain, and many others!

Each of Guzus power-ups and bonus packs give you unique ten-second boosts before running out - more than enough time to chomp down on some extra filling predators-turned-prey!

Guzu comes complete with a fully featured map, in-game highscore charts, and features full GameCenter integration - the perfect place for competitive players who want to compete for ultimate dominance on the games interactive online leaderboards. Not content with a single map and a single Guzu hero to play with? Dont fret, just unlock the games second exclusive Volcano map, a leaner & meaner version of Guzu, or both instantly via in-app purchase!

What are you waiting for? Get Guzu, & sink you teeth into some satisfying arcade action!


Intense survival arcade action gameplay
Wide array of prey to eat & predators to avoid.
Vibrantly rendered professional map, character designs, and animations!
Exclusive 2nd Volcano themed map available via in-app purchase.
Unlock a meaner, bigger incarnation of Guzu - Guzu Dragon - to play with via in-app purchase!
Flexible Tilt-based & Digital Joystick control options.
Left and Right handed gameplay preference features.
Edible power ups - Jaws, Electric Force Fields, Shields, and more to keep gameplay fresh!
In-app high score charts
Compete against players from the world over via GameCenters interactive online leaderboards!

Guzu is developed by Suponix in association with INTERSOG

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Here is what you will be immersed into this coming weekend! Please don't play in your office of you might get fired :-)

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Screenshot spelling error: Wide array of PREY to eat... You can't eat "pray", that's something you do! Pray/ prayer. Prey/predator.
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Well, with this particular type of dragon you can LOL :-)

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Video Demo

Check out the video demo http://bit.ly/J4xTYB to see our little mighty dragon Guzu in action!

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