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Indestructible - (by Glu Games Inc.)[Universal](Currently only in Canada out)

07-22-2012, 07:31 PM
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Indestructible - (by Glu Games Inc.)[Universal](Currently only in Canada out)

Grab the wheel, load up your guns, hit the road and leave the mangled wrecks of your victories in the dust as you battle to become the best in the exciting vehicular combat game Indestructible!

Are you sick of all those boring, repetitive farming games? Then blow some %^&* up in this fully 3D, online multiplayer action game!


• Up to 4-Player real-time multiplayer action with two unique game modes: Capture the Flag and King of the Hill!

• Stunning retina graphics with advanced visual effects designed for the new iPad and iPhone 4S.

• Tons of unique items you can use to customize your vehicles. Including rocket launchers, laser guns, auto-cannons and more!

• Three arenas set in a gritty post-apocalyptic world, where you can battle with your latest vehicle creations.

• Advanced physics engine enables awesome stunts such as flips and power-slides!

We've worked hard to bring you some of the best graphics available on iOS, combined with the thrilling game-play of 4-player multiplayer action - all for FREE. We're constantly striving to make Indestructible the best multiplayer game on the market, so we really value your feedback.

Indestructible is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Battlefield - AirCrash:

Battlefield - Iceberg:

Battlefield - Rocketbase:

Multiplayer - Capture The Flag:

Multiplayer - King of the Hill:


Menu/Cars/Tuning/iAP Trailer:

Sorry for the shitty Thumbnail. There is currently not much Content about the Game out since even Glu itself doesn`t list the Game on their Website
07-22-2012, 07:37 PM
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Before even reading all of the description, I'm guessing it's pay2win?

07-23-2012, 07:58 PM
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Game Impressions

I'm surprised. While full of the normal trappings of the business model Glu helped create and uses as another small weapon in the war against conventional PC and console gaming, Indestructible is also reasonably entertaining (in mindless, dual stick shooting kinda way). How much of this might be the post-apocalyptic road warrior in me, finally let loose in the badlands again (with Auto Assault gone, Death Rally but a fading memory, and the always brilliant but time-consuming Darkwind Online as the only standing bastion of the true carrior, I haven't been doing much road raging these past years) with just a loincloth, wooden club and a broken bike as his ride, screaming and cackling in futuristic delight, I could not say. So I'll try to make up yer minds for you:

The primary reason for the surprising amount of fun (remember, relative definition) is probably the car physics model, and how it seems to add a little more strategy and skill to the dual stick shooting process. Unlike the vast majority of dual stickers, where movement is multi-directional without delay or complications, in Indestructible, you actually have to take into account turns, skids, drifts, acceleration, speed, and even the rare flip. This makes evasion, navigation and positional advantages more complicated, and more rewarding. You can jump off ramps, ram your opponent (both to damage and to put him on his roof), and even push your dreaded foe off cliffs, to see him explode off the nicely flat-textured landscape below. The physics are floaty, unsurprisingly, but so far it either seems to add to the experience, or at least not detract from it.

There is also more depth to what could not really be called "character development" in the previous Glu Gun Bros reskins I've had the displeasure of downloading or seeing someone else play. There is actually a skill tree with 18 different skills, each with one or several ranks. The skills include effects like increasing damage/rate of fire/armor, improved use of the active ability mentioned in the paragraph below, dealing more collision damage, extra speed after taking damage, converting incoming damage to energy, and other advantages. There are quite a few different effects, and they allow for some fairly divergent character builds. It's entirely viable to build a ramming character, a tank, an offensively focused speedy attacker that gains extra damage from sustained fire, etc.

The cars are also another concept which I can't really find an equivalent of in Gun Bros/clones, kinda the equivalent of classes/character types. There are 7 different cars (with their own complementary drivers), each with different stats in five categories (Capacitor, Offense, Defense, Agility and Difficulty), one active ability, and one passive ability. The cars differ in focus, from a quick little bugger that gains more weapon damage the faster it goes, a futuristic tank thingie that repairs armor as it deals damage, an area-of-effect-charging muscle car, a shockwaving big rig, and an energy-draining hovercraft.

The rest is standard practice. Instead of equipping your little soldiers, you deck your car out with new ranged weapons, ramming gear, capacitors, engines, batteries, intakes, exhausts, weapon mods, auto-repairing modules, armor, paint jobs, and so on, along a long list of gear.

Now, any good hobby reviewer saves the readers' favourite topic for last: the IAP! And... well, it is IAP, and therefore by nature evul and perverted (in a non-sexy way) and nasty and greedy and capitalistificient. But I suppose it could be worse:
  • There are no gameplay timers.
  • Character progression seems unhindered by IAP, and the IAP currency cannot actually be used to level a character more quickly or purchase skills from the skill tree.
  • There are no consumable IAP in-game boost.
  • Out of 58 pieces of equipment, 18 require the IAP currency. I've no idea if this is an outraging horror, or a karmalicient lenient amount, but that assessment is probably mostly subjective and comparative.
  • There is a chance all paint jobs require IAP purchases. (IAP for visual customization is one of the lesser ways of digital commercial evil, to my mind.)
  • I've found no way to earn the IAP currency in game.
  • Surprisingly, the best weapon (at least stat-wise) can be purchased for the in-game currency.
  • The cars (with their special abilities and stats) can all be purchased for the in-game currency as well, loosing Glu a probably very solid opportunity for profit.

As far as I can tell, this means that while IAPers might gain the upper hand early on, once a freemium player has reached the higher progression levels, the online arenas will not be dominated by those who see typing in their App Store password as the greatest challenge any game can offer. With the best stuff available for anyone with the right level and in-game funds, in the end, we'll all be equals.

But keep in mind that this is a beta (and boy, it shows, with placeholder art and strange app behaviour), so I suppose there is still time for Glu to go profitallistic on us and crank up the IAP machine. So, in the spirit of prevention, Glu guys, if yer reading this, the IAP is shameless and heartless, and you really need to tone it down or be accused of civil disobedience and of employing subversive or agitative language aimed at stirring unrest/overthrowing the political incumbent, dudes!

The rest of you, if you're either a fan of post-apocalyptic car combat (like me, who still sometimes surprises myself by choosing theme and setting over gameplay and mechanics), or arena-based single and multiplayer action games, the IAP might just not be bad enough yet to ruin this one for you.

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07-23-2012, 08:06 PM
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I don't like games that are Canada Only. I mean, why do apps go to Canada first?
07-23-2012, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jdragoon19 View Post
Before even reading all of the description, I'm guessing it's pay2win?
You did notice it's by Glu Games, right?


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07-23-2012, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by skeletonlord View Post
I don't like games that are Canada Only. I mean, why do apps go to Canada first?
Server tests? Easier on a smaller scale. That's my theory.
07-24-2012, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Nobunaga View Post
Server tests? Easier on a smaller scale. That's my theory.
Exactly. Canada is the ideal testing ground for US targeted media. Similar culture, same language, same lifestyle / average income, currency exchange rate is close, physically close... All at 1/10 the size.

Btw I actually am not really enjoying the game. The IAP has Glu's usual whale-focus ($20+ for best vehicles), and heavy grinding to get anywhere without. Also I disliked the controls. Occasionally the steering would stick on me, and my car would refuse to turn, cruising straight off the edge of the cliff.

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07-24-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by strivemind View Post
...Btw I actually am not really enjoying the game. The IAP has Glu's usual whale-focus ($20+ for best vehicles), and heavy grinding to get anywhere without. Also I disliked the controls...
Yep, that sounds like Glu alright. Shiny but ultimately mediocre, unsatisfying games, ridiculous IAPs... it's all in there...


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07-24-2012, 04:54 PM
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Considering I'm still waiting for a Car Wars (pen and paper and grid rpg that was big in the 1980s - Uncle Al!) translation on iOS ... I'll buy this a heartbeat.

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07-30-2012, 03:37 PM
Game Impressions

Posting quick, since I only have a couple minutes. I'll do a quick review and some tips, albeit they might not be very appreciated by devs - good tip to fix their shit together.

Starting gun simply sucks (pretty much like all kinetic weapons... or just not my thing). The car is actually great by itself. Save some money and get the cheapest rocket launcher as your first purchase. It does good damage and allows you to farm. Lasers are okay-ish, but not the cheapest one - only the top one you can buy with gold (hint: use tapjoy, site - not ingame offers).

I wouldn't recommend paying gold for melee weapons or cars. Just buy weapons or upgrades cause they work across different cars - melee weapons are car-specific so buy them with credits, I wouldn't bother with 5x multiplier anyway... you need to have a good speed up to do some damage, which rarely happens in PvP.

How to farm? Not PvP obviously since no one is ever online. Maybe you'll get one game in a day if you stay queued in for hours. Just go single player on ice level. There are AT LEAST 3 or 4 places where you can put your car and afk while npcs cars try to get you and fall off the level. I'll let you figure them out. Upgrade armor regen as well, that might help.

More tips? Disable the auto-lock on your ipad by going into settings+general+auto-lock. You can also use the rocket launcher along with something relatively humid (take care not to damage your device) with something pressing on it. I use used-teabag in a tissue. A light notebook is enough to provide pressure. Your rocket will auto-fire and also kill any npcs that decide to not suicide. Leave your device charging of course. A few nights of this and you'll be level 20 and have enough cash to buy one or two things in top stuff. Only thing, take care to remove the game from your background games and restart it quite a bit. Playing for more that an hour makes it laggy and ipad starts being pretty hot... I could actually be worried about the battery life being diminished by the heat - so keep ipad in a cool and ventilated area.

Advice to devs: don't fix the terrain or physics. It is awesome. You can make npcs smarter if you want, but that won't help with auto-fire solution. Single player is extremely boring and it really sucks to farm up anything - people won't buy stuff if it's made boring on purpose (that's what I assumed, shame on you). So just make objectives. Capture flags guarded by npcs or hold the point, etc - but give bigger rewards. Maybe even a storyline or missions. At least 100 credits for a flag run for example or people will start trying to find faster ways to gain xp again.

Alright, now to PvP. To devs: The standard gun alienates and makes every newbie ragequit. I quit and uninstalled the game after I first tried it. Then I came back cause the physics were actually fun (I flipped on my roof way too many times). Give the starting car the starter rocket please. Then at least newbies will stand some chance. No one ever plays this game online, there's not enough people. At least add 1vs1 or upgrade match-making. And make it possible to queue for everything, not one map.

Also, is it me or kinetic weapons blow? Laser gets easy auto-aim, rockets guide themselves. Minigun just feel really clunky in aiming... Except it's fun to use for pushing cars off the arena - that actually killed me a few times.

Well, that post is a mess, but I'm in a hurry. This is obviously a throw-away account, I might or might not reply... maybe if I get a chance I'll stumble on here again, then I'll need to remember the password again...