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App description: Beneath the human world, Mouse Tribes struggle with the dark forces of the Lumini and their master, Luzen. The Lumini are corrupting mice to spread their destructive powers over the mouse world. If they're not defeated, the human world will be next! A group of enlightened mice have banded together to fight back, and these mice cannot win without your help! Will you join them in their epic quest?

Tunnel Tail is the story of a fearless young mouse leader, Cezar, and his crew. Ama is a brave warrior always ready for battle she's a loyal and trusted friend of Cezar. Dini is super-smart and lives life to the extreme. Tolomi the mousetorian holds the secrets of the ages. And then there's the newest recruit you! With your help, the Mouse Tribes may finally be freed from the grips of the Lumini. The forces of darkness must be stopped! Let the fur fly!

Tunnel Tails Key Features:
Enter an adventurous tale where you decide what happens next
Design and customize your own team of mice fighters
Train and equip your team for battle
Join forces with your friends in a multiplayer experience
Face off against dark forces that get more and more dangerous
Explore the cool and unexpected mouse underworld
Become a mouse legend!

The game requires iOS version 4.2 and up and runs best on iPad 2 or later. If playing on the original iPad, we strongly recommend downloading the free iPhone version of Tunnel Tail from the App Store.