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Step into the captivating and cheerful Motor World, filled with amazing cars and shiny, happy people!

Run a small car factory and turn it into the best company in the world. Build your cars, create new ones, make your workers happy, please your customers, arrange your retail stores and play with your friends.

Mix & create over 300 cars! Youve gotta build them all!
Manage & evolve your workers
Improve your factory and retailing stores to attract customers

Be the trend maker! Produce range of cars that reflects your personality
Conquer fans around the world
Overcome wacky quests & unexpected events

Compete with other car makers on Game Center
Race against friends
Recruit them as workers
Send items & receive gifts

Enjoy several bonus mini-games
Meet colorful characters, including FatCheez, The Doc, Catman, Mr Coffee and many more!
The life-like crowd, wacky situations, intuitive controls and hitch-less game mechanics will get you hooked forever!

Find secrets & tips to become the best car maker on:
Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MotorWorldCarFactoryCommunity
Twitter: @oh_bibi

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09-01-2012, 09:53 AM
Don't know if anyone is playing this game but it's super fun! Like pocket planes/tiny tower. The money integration is a bit extreme but if you don't mind waiting you can get a lot out of the game.

09-01-2012, 10:45 AM
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it's free, so i guess ill try it. Not really too excited with management games though. Only one i liked so far is Dungeon Village.

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09-02-2012, 11:18 AM
Joined: Jun 2011
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I gave it a try and must say that it is quite entertaining.
Seems that it offers a little more depth than Tiny Towers and Pocket Planes

Ah, and I didn't use any IAP!

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09-03-2012, 11:42 PM
Joined: Sep 2011
Location: Australia
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This is a pretty good game... Heaps of depth.
Don't really need IAP, it gives you cash just like tiny towers and pocket planes.
Just a pity about the Facebook intergration, would of been better if it was just Gamecenter.
09-04-2012, 12:12 AM
Joined: Dec 2011
Posts: 61
really good game, wished you could customize your cars (engines etc) if you like industry sims on your ios device, you'll probably like this. try it =)

UPDATE: as Sanuku describes below - aaaaand hot the pay wall and annoyed by the FB spam messages posted from my wall. sigh. didnt get the bugs he described below though on 4S on 5.1. tsk.

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09-04-2012, 03:09 AM
Joined: Sep 2011
Location: Australia
Posts: 843
If they got rid of the Facebook integration, it would be as good as pocket planes and tiny towers.
But if they got rid of all the free to play elements completely and just made the game a paid app it would as good as a Kairosoft game.

I'm still enjoying it though, my garage is on level 21 and I haven't paid a cent and I have saved 36 bucks(in game currency) so not bad for $0!
09-04-2012, 10:49 AM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 9
I've been playing it for a couple of days and can't really understand where the IAP comments are coming from compared to almost every builder etc freemium game out there, it's much closer to the tiny tower/pocket planes end of the "iap helps but is not necessary to progress" They haven't locked designs away behind funbux amounts etc for example.

However, the facebook stuff is indeed diabolical and the number of spelling mistakes gives it more of an amateurish feel than it should have, a polish pass is needed bigtime for the first update.

Is there any way to fire an employee? I have a low skill worker who I have to keep throwing around to stop him rushing in and screwing up the quality pn my cars and would much prefer just to fire him, even if I had to pay to release etc.
09-04-2012, 11:11 AM
Joined: Jun 2012
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Been playing this for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoying it. I agree with the poster about Facebook and not Gamecenter.

I noticed on Facebook that it had posted 27 times! I removed the permissions on Facebook so it shouldn't post anymore.


When something happens and it says "Quit" and "OK & Share", just press quit and it shouldn't post anything.

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09-04-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Fazana View Post

Is there any way to fire an employee? I have a low skill worker who I have to keep throwing around to stop him rushing in and screwing up the quality pn my cars and would much prefer just to fire him, even if I had to pay to release etc.
I don't think so but there ought to be. My employees are level 5. I hired 3 new employees and it brought my quality down by 15% and brought other stats down too.