Monko Jumpo: Super Mario-like 2D Platformer

09-02-2012, 08:37 PM
Monko Jumpo: Super Mario-like 2D Platformer

The battles for fruits between monkeys and mice are never ended!
How could you retrieve the fruits and all the golden melons for the monkey tribes?

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"Monko Jumpo" currently contains 2 cartoon 2D platformer game modes with totally different playing style!

Mode - Monko Quest (2D Platformer that you will like)!
• Break Bricks, get Coins, find out Golden Melons, fight Bosses & rescue Princess!
• Get power-ups to help you pass levels.
• 95+ hand-crafted 2D platfomer levels with boss, challenge EXP & secret levels.
• Easy to clear the levels but very challenging to get all Golden Melons & Red Rings.
• Collect enough "Red Rings" to unlock "EXP Levels".
• Find out the "Crystal Rings" at some very tricky spot in some levels to unlock challenge levels!
Monko Quest Logo.png
MQ iTunes 07252012-08.png
MQ iTunes 07252012-09.png
MQ iTunes 07252012-10.jpg

Mode - Get Fruits Back (Original Endless Running)
• Ride on banana slider, chase/hit the mice to sky high and get fruits back to the tribe.
• More than 20 kinds of equipments, power-ups, helps you in your adventure.
• Collect "Banana Rings" to get equipments and use super equipments at right timings.
• Wonderful worlds with changeable splendid free season expansions combinations.
• Randomized stage environment each time you play.
• Easy rampage for all ages!
Export - Logo 03162012-01.png
MQ iTunes 07252012-01.jpg
EN Monko Jumpo Itunes 20120313-3.jpg
EN Monko Jumpo Itunes 20120313-4.jpg

Check it out on iTunes for more details!

We'll show you where's the Crystal Rings by screenshots progressively.

Have fun!

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buying now.

09-02-2012, 08:57 PM
Took KW34KPRNXHWN, thanks.
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Took 6KXJ9LF9EKAR! Thanks!
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Impressions soon. Thanks!
09-02-2012, 09:44 PM
All codes are used
It sure would be nice to know they are used before I type them into iTunes....oh well!
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Very interested in this, and hoping to hear impressions since I missed a shot at the codes.
09-02-2012, 10:52 PM
Thank you so much
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Just redeemed L7KEMEXXTRYY now, and gave the "runner" mode a go. Quite fun, and very cute and colorful. Impressive!

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Took MKY46YHPMWMJthanks

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