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Two Usability Suggestions: Highlight NEW

09-25-2012, 11:18 AM
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Two Usability Suggestions: Highlight NEW

Hi, love your apps on both iPhone and iPad, but it's a bit frustrating not knowing when and what exactly is new.

1. For the News & Reviews, is there a visual indicator of which items are new? I see the number posted next to "News & Reviews" but once I enter that section, I can't currently tell which items those numbers refer to, and which content has already been there. Am I just not seeing something to differentiate those? If not, would you please do so?

2. Subscribed threads are great, but I dislike having to remember when the last day was in which there was a new post. Could you please add a couple of functions that are on many other sites' forums? I would like to know whether there are any new posts in each subscribed thread without having to access the thread, and I would like to be able to jump straight to the new posts without having to fish through them. I know that sometimes the post count is tinted orange, but this function doesn't seem reliable because sometimes a thread will have new posts but not turn orange.