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iPhone: ZooKID Runner : Insanely Hard & Addictive cute runner's here!!

10-08-2012, 02:44 AM
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ZooKID Runner : Insanely Hard & Addictive cute runner's here!!

Install ZooKID Runner Here :
ZooKID Runner : Insanely Hard & Addictive cute runner's here!!

Whoís ZooKID?

ZooKID Becoming a SUPER HERO with His Rare Costumes.
A kid wearing a yellow jumpsuit costume with a hood gets a special power of each animal depending on which animal costumes he wears. He finally becomes a SUPER HERO that has various super powers!

Whatís ZooKID Runner?

ZooKID, Looking for His Lost Costumes, Keeps RUNNING and RUNNIG!

1. Set the highest score by avoiding all the obstacles as jumping and rolling as well as collecting the coins in the meantime
2. Collect new costumes and various stages
3. Compete with friends through KakaoTalk (SNS)

How to Play
1. Use Jump and Roll buttons to avoid all the obstacles ahead (Auto-Runner Mode)
2. Collect as many coins as possible to enhance your scores
3. Restart from the beginning every time itís over (Points will be used if the user want to continue from where itís over.)

1. Simple at first but very challenging as it continues playing more and more!
2. Fingers get extremely tense! Must feel the sense of fingers!
3. Highly addictive that canít ever stop playing!
4. 40 different characters and 4 levels in 10 various stages!

How to Play (Controls)

Playing with Just Two Buttons! Itís All about Timing!

1. ZooKID constantly runs in a steady speed from the start
2. A different speed in different stages

1. The longer/shorter time you touch the button, the higher/lower you can jump (delicate touch controls)

1. No matter how longer/shorter you touch the button, the length of a forward roll is sustainedly same. (not like the jump button)

Jump & Roll!
1. A forward roll cancelation is possible by touching the jump button Ė changes to jump up immediately
2. Jump cancelation is possible by touching the forward roll button Ė falls plumb down immediately
3. Must master this skill to go through all the difficult levels

It seems like a too simple style runner, but, it's INSANELY hard & addictive.
We are working hard on making more stages and characters on next patch.

Install ZooKID Runner Here :

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