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App description: I bet you havent seen anything like this before: we turned the whole world into an optical illusion! ThinkInvisible is a unique trivia game where you can discover how you imagination works and what your brain is capable of.

Theres a charming trailer that shows exactly what is it all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59xO2_llC0g

Browse through 9 unique sets of pictures, pick one that looks promising and try to recognize it by the small parts we show you. Think of it as a spotlight: its showing you only the most important details, forcing your brain to uncover and complete the rest!
By mixing up optical illusions with a puzzle game, we created something so genuine that you have to try out if youre into unique things.

Youll be rewarded with points and a little surprise (its fun - we promise) - and of course the joy of figuring out the original picture (thats even more fun - youll see).
And above all, it looks amazing.


Cant recognize one of the pictures? Dont worry:
- First, look around you. Seek the answer in your surroundings or perhaps conjure up a childhood memory to help identify and uncover the picture..
- Is it on the tip of your tongue but youre still uncertain? Ask for help from your friends! Post the picture to your Facebook or Twitter wall and perhaps the solution will appear sooner than youd expected!
- And if not? You can also Reveal the answer at the cost of points youve collected.

After solving even a couple, youll begin to wonder: Is everything just an optical illusion?


At first sight, a lot of people say its ingenious. Really.
But we dont like to brag that much. Check out what others are saying about the game:

fun hangman adaptation Don Gatto

AirPlay makes it family fun! ArtOfWarfare

When the obvious is too boring for you there are at least two possibilities: first, you are drunk, second you know so much about a topic that only sophisticated information inspires you.
Neversocial, blogger

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