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App description: Run And Jump Zombies leaves it up to you to make sure they collect as many brains as possible.

The Zombies are out in force and they have learned a few new tricks. These zombies like collecting shiny objects, money and of course Brains! It is up to make sure they survive long enough to be remembered as the greatest undead collector that every clawed out of the grave.

Simple Controls:
Run And Jump Zombies uses a very simple interface for game play. You have three actions to choose from. Touch the screen to jump over obstacles or jump up and collect the best items from the ones floating above you. Touch the Charge button and burst forth with great speed and avoid all damage while the effect is active. Touch the Score 2X button and enjoy a doubling of all your scoring for a short time. Combine them all for an awesome score and sit at the leader boards.

Challenging Varied Content
The world is constantly remaking itself. The obstacles you face and the items to collect change as the game plays on.

Three Zombies
There are three zombies to choose from. Each one a bit faster and stronger and faster than the previous one. All are enhanced by the upgrades you purchase. Choose the zombie that has the look you prefer and upgrade them to the level that fits your game play.

Game Center
Keep track of how you are doing both on device and on Game Center. While have the highest single game score? Who has the best total score? Who is the most addicted to the game? Check Game Chenter and find out. Game Center not accessible? No worries Run And Jump Zombies tracks all kinds of data about how you are doing and lets you see it all.

Quality Content
Run And Jump Zombies includes art by Sprite Attack and music by Kevin Macleod.

Retina Support
Full Retina support is included. Every piece of art has both retina and non-retina versions.