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App description: Fire in the hole!! No , Ball in the hole !

Newly iOS arcade game,newly rules,simply to play,enjoy the game!

*Stunning 3D graphics
*Retina-screen display for iPhone 4,iPad,New iPad,iPhone 5
*Real and accurate 3D physics engine
*Instant feedback of the result
*Easy to control,full of challenges

How to play:
*Tap to fire the ball
*All kinds of colors:white,red,blue,green,rainbow
*Holes in the wheel,marked with different gold coins
*Ball in the hole to get the gold
*Same ball into the same hole to get gold*2,rainbow ball to get gold*10
*Score come out automatically
*More chance to get treasure chest and ?-box
*Buy more balls and props

Special props
* Gold: buy balls,props and to change the wheel
* Key: open the chest,which may hide unexpected gifts!
* ?-box: different skills, you can get more gold coins
* Daily reward: daily enter the game to get different rewards!!

Skill type:
* Heavier gravity
* Lighter gravity
* Zero gravity
* More Chest
* More Question-box
* Hammer to wape out all hamsters
* Only white ball
* Only red ball
* Only green ball
* Only blue ball
* Only rainbow ball
* Larger ball
* Smaller ball
* Heavier ball
* Lighter ball
* Bounce higher
* Bounce lower
* Automatic bursts of ball
* Faster speed of the wheel
* Slower speed of the wheel
* Wheel stop
* Reversal wheel
* Wheel-hole change to all white
* Wheel-hole change to all red
* Wheel-hole change to all green
* Wheel-hole change to all blue
* Wheel-hole change to all rainbow color
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 10 points
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 20 points
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 30 points
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 50 points
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 70 points
* Wheel-hole-score change to all 100 points