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App description: GOAL:-
Connect the boxes with the chalk starting from home to all the numbers called out and reach back home.
NO CROSSING. Do not cross the chalk line or any item other than the recent called one.
It starts simple, and makes you feel smart in the initial few levels. but as you progress, the items increases and gives you lesser and lesser space.
If your touch skills are so good that you can take up this challenge easily, then there comes special pickups for you! some pickups makes you score better, but there are few which makes your level more and more challenging, and that's the most interesting part. things change drastically to keep you wandering.
While you have fun connecting the boxes you learn basics of 7 different topics. Starting from Alphabets, you move through Numbers, Colors, Zoo, Family, Traffic and finally Circuits.
For making your child learn these topic easily, this is a best ever game.
Oh let us give you a two player mode also.
This mode can be played when there are exactly two players on 1 device. There are two rounds in every game. while 1st player plays in first round, the 2nd player selects the boxes to be touched by the first player. In Second round, the players swaps the positions.