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App description: The world's military vehicles have gone rogue. Infected by a virus written to take control of the enemies's military, the machines are attacking power stations crippling humanity even further. It is up to you to defend the world's last power stations from being taken over by the machines, giving humanity one last fighting chance.

Retina Optimized!

Multiple game modes!
- Free roaming
- Wave Mode
- Survival
- More modes coming soon!

6 different hovercrafts to unlock and upgrade, with even more to come in future updates!

1pxOff's comments:
Hey guys my first game that just released on iOS. I am the sole developer/artist/everything on this project.

Game play video:

Rouge military AI has taken over the world's military vehicles. In an attempt to provide themselves with power while simultaneously weakening the human defenses even further, the machines have started attacking various power stations. By modifying low tech racing hover crafts, man has finally found a way to defend themselves from the machines. You are tasked with piloting one of these hovercrafts to defend one of these power stations from waves of oncoming drones.