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Big Halloween Contest for GOF 2! Win up to 25,000,000 ingame credits!

10-31-2012, 08:44 AM
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Big Halloween Contest for GOF 2! Win up to 25,000,000 ingame credits!

Itís that very special time of the year, tonight the full moon will rise again and myriads of goblins and ghouls will crawl out of their holes to celebrate with their masters be that warlocks or witches the one and only night of the year that is entirely dedicated to them -- All Hallow's Eve! The only hope is to bribe them to be spared their mischief.

For our Halloween contest we'll hand out the following credit packs:

3x 25,000,000 credits
5x 10,000,000 credits
7x 5,000,000 credits
10x 1,000,000 credits

All you need to do to win 'em is write a comment on our blog and let us know what Halloween costume would suit Keith T. Maxwell best. We'll then pick the lucky winners on Monday, November 5th, 2012.

If you're among the winners, we will notify you via email. Please note that you can only participate in the contest if you can save your savegame to Open Feint, this is due to the fact that Open Feint will be our means to distribute prizes.

We hope you enjoy our contest and we're looking forward to read your comments on our blog . If you have not already done so anyway, please pop in on www.Facebook.com/GalaxyOnFire as well and click the "Like" button. We'd love to see you around there, too. And now enough with the talking... put on your costumes, collect tons of sweets and enjoy a fearful fright night you won't soon forget! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Best regards,