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App description: LookOut Blizzard is an action-packed spin on the classic Labryinth
maze game. Over 60 challenging levels test your physical and mental
skills as you dodge fireballs, electrified obstacles, complex mazes
and race against the clock.

** Some of the Many Features of Lookout Blizzard
- iPhone 5 support
- 4 worlds with 60 levels.
- Dynamic gameplay.
- Superb graphics.
- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
- Multiplayer Mode let's you compete against friends
- Survivor Mode
- Great sound, music, & vibrations (when explosions happen)
- In every level, in every world, it gets harder to collect
acheivements and stay alive
- Dodge fireballs and ground balls, avoid sharp blades
- Electricity forcefields & balls to maneuver around
- Intelligent robotic electro-balls follow you to make the game more challenging
- Some walls protect you, some don't

TAC's comments:

Touch Arcade- The APP Company is excited to announce the F2P release of our first game in our new game publishing division- LookOut-Blizzard, or "LookOut" for short. It's a tilt-to-survive adventure with a winter theme. It includes a story, survival and multiplayer mode.

Get LookOut Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lookout-blizzard-free/id541719437?mt=8

LookOut-Blizzard went Free-2-Play yesterday and we want to share it with everyone to get some feedback. It's a really awesome, state of the art game with a tilt-to-survive premise. Think PacMan meets Labyrinth. The developers, UnnyHog, are the makers of the titles Watee and iCube- LookOut is their third title. If you know their previous work, they're great particle and sound designers.

LookOut has in-app purchases, and we put in the survival mode for free so that the game has replayability. The story mode is fun and we threw 15 levels into the free build. Five can be unlocked through a Facebook like.

We recently launched our games division so it's important that we hear back from people so we can know what they want. Please try the game out for yourselves and share it with anyone else who is interested.

We hope you like playing LookOut, and please let us know what you think. Visit us at www.TheAPPCompany.com to learn more about what we do.


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11-04-2012, 11:30 AM
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Heh...I thought blizzard was making a f2p game.