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Gifs in emails on ipad 2

11-03-2012, 04:22 PM
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Gifs in emails on ipad 2

I hope that someone here will be able to help me before i run screaming naked through the streets.

Here's the deal, my mother who is 80 has an ipad 2 and her 76 year old sister emails her ipad 2 to ipad 2 daily. My Aunt includes gifs in the emails to my mum and my mum is driving me crazy, she wants to be able to send some other gifs that she finds on the internet.

My mother whom I love dearly, is driving me insane. she calls me constantly about this. My aunt wont tell her how she has figured this out. My Mum has emoji and I have set it up as an alternate keyboard, so she can use that but its not good enough for her ( I created a monster by buying her an ipad).

A cut and paste...wont do it. I don"t have the time to talk her through every email that she wants to send..

Does anyone know of any app ( preferably something i can add to her keyboards) that can help her out?

Please help me so I can spend Christmas with my family and not in the looney bin.

My children and I thank you..