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App description: Get ready for an impossibly addictive and explosive gaming experience!

NeoDefender is a wire framed retro-style arcade game that combines massive fire power and stunning graphic to deliver a challenging, yet visually spectacular experience!

Prepare for battle as NeoDefender immerses you in the galaxy thats in the midst of an intense struggle for survival!

NeoDefender features versatile shooting options with single touch, dual touch, and continuous firing modes to effectively defend against the onslaught of kamikaze crafts.

Prevail against an increasing wave of cosmic adversaries to earn crystals to spend on purchasing the best combination of shields, power-ups, nukes, special weapons, and craft repairs to prepare for the next epic battle!

Get in on the heart-pumping thrill ride in outer-space and rise as the savior of the Milky Way Galaxy!

Want to see NeoDefender on the big screen? Plug into a TV or large monitor and grab an iPhone or iPod to use as your controller.

Alternatively, play NeoDefender on your iPad and use an iPhone or iPod as the controller.

meyumedev's comments:

What this space for NeoDefender 3 which is closing out its beta testing phase