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App description: Woodla: The Tower - the first game of Woodla augmented reality game series. Explore the world around you. Collect magical sets to get powerful spells. Fight the Astral creatures. Collaborate with your friends helping each other to progress. Go deeper in the Great Tower worlds to find the evil source and eliminate it.

For many years the Great Tower guarded our world from the astral darkness - the source of pure evil, fear and terrible creatures. The Great Tower was a frontier between peaceful quiteness and horrible evil.

Mages from the Tower shared their knowledge with young wizards raising new warriors. Peace and quiteness ruled the beautiful Tower halls. Until now...

The game is optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. You may experience performance problems on earlier devices.

Legend - http://youtu.be/EpGu5nXNCws

milkyway's comments:
I would like to present you a new free game Woodla: The Tower. Here we will have to fight hordes of monsters and collect magic items in order to progress to the Halls of unending Astral. The uniqueness of this game is that it operates in the real world thanks to augmented reality. Monsters and bloodthirsty will creatures meet us on the familiar streets of your city, the subway, and even in your house. And we must expel them from our world and restore the great tower of Astral. I really liked this game, long ago was nothing like this in the App Store, in general, I'll meet you all in the darkness.

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