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iPad: 3D TD+RPG game developed by our engine "Elements Defender]"

11-09-2012, 03:49 AM
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3D TD+RPG game developed by our engine "Elements Defender]"

Hello Everyone,

After a year of development, we would like to showcase our Newest iOS game "ELEMENTS DEFENDER".

This 3D Tower Defense+RPG game is developed by our self-developed 3D engine. We have been through a lot before this game comes out.

The players have to defeat the monsters coming all over the cornors in case they destroy the Magic Crystal in the middle. You have 3 upgradable elements staff (Fire, Ice and Lightning) and the crystal towers.

But for now it is only available on the Asian app store.

Here is the game trailer.


Do you love this kind of game?


We would love to hear your thoughts about our game. Your advice is always welcomed and appreciated. [/SIZE]